President Donald trump expressed the hope that America is about to begin the path to recovery after the pandemic, but the coronavirus approached him directly to the White house. Contamination is detected press Secretary of the Vice-President of the United States, a little earlier – the military employed in the service personnel of the Oval office.

to show the readiness of the US to “restart”, Donald trump broke out of the isolation in the White house to travels around the country. And then trump got a message that one of the servants of the Oval office gave a positive result for the virus.

according to si-EN-EN, trump was angry about the illness of his personal Valet, and asked the assistants how is it possible that the man responsible for his drinks could be exposed to the virus.

And a few days later, it turned out that the press Secretary Vice-President Mike Pence also revealed coronavirus. The Vice President had several hours to postpone the trip to Iowa to those employees who had contact with the sick, took off aboard Air Force Two. Well, the White house has a new serious reason for concern: who else could be infected.

By the way, personal assistant to Ivanka trump also appeared to be infected with coronavirus, according to si-EN-EN with reference to its source. However, it for almost two months working on udalenke, and the last few weeks no contact personally with the President’s daughter.

Coronavirus Katie Miller, press Secretary Vice-President – really a Wake-up call for the White house. Potential risk of infection landed right in the President, writes Politico.

Cathy Miller is not only often travels with the Vice President and attends meetings with his participation, she is also married to another senior White house official Stephen Miller, who writes most of the speeches trump and spends a lot of time next to the President, his son-in-law Jared Kushner and daughter Ivanka trump.

President trump is so close to a couple of millers that attended their wedding in February 2020 at Trump International hotel. There he remained in the wedding party for about two hours and gave a short speech with a toast to them.

“While the President is campaigning for the States eased restrictions and allowed the Americans to return to work and business, his assistants, contracted the disease, contributes little to build confidence that the country is ready to return to normal life” – does not hide his gloating in the “counter” with trump channel si-EN-EN.

“At the same time – continues to si-EN-EN – it does not have a noticeable impact on the willingness of the tramp to follow the rules on Friday when he refused the mask during a visit with elderly veterans of the Second world ��Oina and invited to a meeting at the White house a large group of legislators, all of whom checked before arrival”.

When trump was asked why he’s not wearing a mask at a meeting with veterans, the President answered in his repertoire: “”I wish I could come and hug them because they’re great. I had a conversation with everyone, but we were very far from each other… Plus, the wind was blowing so hard that if the infection reached them, I would be very surprised. She could walk up to me.”

After the trump, all the forces of shirk to wear a mask, trying not to close your face at events in the White house, and during the travel and Vice-President Mike Pence. Recently, the man number 2 in the United States has faced criticism for being in violation of the rules was without a mask during a visit to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester and meetings with patients. Justifying the fact that he often tested on Covid-19, in the end, Penny was forced to admit: “I didn’t think it was necessary, but I should have to wear a mask at the Mayo clinic”.

After became aware of the contamination of presidential servants, trump told reporters that all around him will now undergo daily testing. He also underwent tests that showed that he was all right.

the Head of the presidential office mark meadows noted that new cases of infection caused a change of procedures in the White house, protective measures shall be strengthened. According to him, all people, serving the trump in close proximity (for example, his household staff), will begin to wear masks. Covering the President of the journalists will also be invited to take tests. It is known that in the West wing were more likely to disinfect. The white house wants daily temperature checks of anyone who enters the compound of the presidential residence.

the White house – “perhaps the safest place where you can come,” says mark meadows. But privately, some administration officials have said si-EN-EN that is just a matter of time before the virus gets to the West wing of the White house, where employees rarely wear masks, and social distancing at least theoretically, and it is recommended, but often difficult to implement in practice.

However, there is no absolute guarantee that the test at the presidential residence will prevent the spread of infection. According to the National institutes of health, the White house used the test system produced by the American chemical and pharmaceutical company Abbott Labs, which can provide rapid (within approximately fifteen minutes) results, but can give up to 15% false negative results.

However, after due to the illness of presidential servants in the White house has imposed daily checks staff��s on the coronavirus, the test at the Vice-presidential spokeswoman Kathy Miller gave a positive result on Friday, despite the fact that just the day before had received a negative result.

“That’s why by itself, the concept of the tests are not always great, commented on the test results of Kathy Miller, the President of the trump. Tests perfect, but something can happen between when the test all is well, and then something happens.”