Coronavirus is to prevent China to get ahead of Hollywood in 2020

China will not be able this year to outstrip the US as the world’s largest film market due to the effects of the outbreak of coronavirus, according to Bloomberg.

Previously, analysts predicted that this year the Chinese film market will surpass the U.S. by revenue.

because of the epidemic of pneumonia caused “Wuhan coronavirus”, ticket sales have virtually stopped during the new year holidays in China. The week of celebration of New year according to the lunar calendar traditionally been the busiest for Chinese cinemas.

But this year, the cinemas are closed across the country since January 24. Residents avoid crowded places for fear of infection.

According to the state Committee of health of China the number of deaths from pneumonia caused by a coronavirus has increased to 636, infected more than 31 thousand people.

the losses from the collapse of sales of movie tickets reached $1 billion in the holiday period, says CEO of consulting company Artisan Gateway, Rance Pow. This figure is about 10% of the expected income in 2020 and will rise, while uncertainty remains in relation to the outbreak of the virus.

the Impact of the virus probably spread to Hollywood, which increasingly relies on the Chinese audience, as domestic ticket sales are down.