Coronavirus is making adjustments in the conduct of American primaries

Coronavirus worse for airlines than the terrorist attacks of 2001. This was stated in American Finance, explaining that the industry is now virtually stopped. However, the pandemic has not prevented to hold primaries in the United States in three States.

In American towns close restaurants, bars, fitness centers — but not the polls. In the midst of the epidemic of the coronavirus COVID-19 come and vote today in Arizona, Illinois, Florida. Members of election commissions — those who were not afraid to go to work? — do not release from the hands of the exterminator. Wipe the walls, booths, ballot boxes.

“We encourage voters to bring their pens, says Wendy link, supervisor of elections of the County of palm beach, Florida. — You can also bring wipes and wipe the surface before you put it on the ballot. They can also bring your own disinfectant for the hands and, of course, can wash my hands after the vote. And we wipe all surfaces every hour and even more often.”

In the United States today, about 4.5 thousand patients. The Ministry of health has warned that groups of more than 50 people to assemble. Therefore, the portions of the voting launch party. The need to perform a civic duty is stronger than fear to get infected. But Florida will compete Ohio, Georgia, Louisiana, States that due to a virus intra-party voting is still postponed until better days.

the Governor of Ohio Mike Dewein even we went to court to make it law — but the court areas close refused, and the Governor issued his Directive. “We should not force people to make that choice, the choice between their health, constitutional rights and responsibilities of American citizens, he said. — It is clear that a vote with a personal visit to the sites does not match and can not match the recommendations of the Center for control and prevention of disease”.

democratic Candidates are already forced to adapt to the epidemic: the elderly policy Biden and Sanders are currently not able to gather supporters. Their volunteers sit at home and have to canvass. In the midst of the race to the Democrats unprofitable to be in the shade, when Republican trump is still on the screen. The epidemic has knocked out his trump card — a growing economy, he is now in a new way — a fighter with the infection number one.

the fight against the epidemic, the candidates made the keynote of the campaign. Biden criticizes trump for the slowness, Sanders louder speaks about free medicine. By the way, to influence the virus and on the turnout. It is dangerous for the elderly, and that the voter Biden, while Sanders is the young people who are not so afraid to go to the sites.

Meanwhile, the States in which primaries next — Maryland, Kentucky — already played the lead. Government of the territories announced that the scheduled date of intra-party elections will be held. In the spring of the voting postponed for the summer.