to set off your disinfectant for use in homes for the elderly, could not imagine the Spanish soldiers, what Horror would you be exposed to …

Madrid (Spain ) – in several senior residences, the soldiers discovered themselves provided to residents and bodies. As the Spanish newspaper “ El Mundo” reported to have located the dead there is already no longer go unnoticed.

The majority of the affected facilities are located in and around Madrid Alone, in the home of Monte Hermoso 20 dead seniors had been found in the midst of more than 70 residents who had been infected with the Coronavirus. In another home in Ciudad Real, there were 15 Deaths.

In this retirement home discovered soldiers neglected pensioners – and Dead! The Name Monte Hermoso means “Beautiful mountain”photo: GABRIEL BOUYS / AFP

soldiers of The army disaster force UME had discovered the dead in their beds lying down, said defense Minister Margarita Robles on Monday, the TV station Telecinco. The Spanish General Prosecutor’s office announced an investigation of the conditions.