Coronavirus has had a major impact on China's manufacturing industry in February

the consequences of the outbreak of coronavirus for various industries of China are mainly manifested in February, said the Deputy Chairman of the Committee for the control and management of state property of the PRC (SASAC) Ren Hongbing. About it reports Reuters.

Chinese Authorities have extended new year holidays and imposed restrictions on travel and movement in an attempt to contain the spread of coronavirus COVID-19. This broke the work of the companies, triggering failures in the supply chain.

“[the Outbreak] has provided a relatively controlled effects on operation in January and a serious impact in February,” said Ren Hongbing reporters during a briefing.

According to him, suffered the most consumer-oriented firms at the end of the industrial chain.

meanwhile, more than 95% controlled by Central government companies in key sectors such as oil, communications, power and transport, are now working, said Ren.

representative of the SASAC Peng Huagen said that the regulator will encourage enterprises under the Central government to renew or revise contracts with small and medium-sized companies that faced difficulties due to the outbreak of coronavirus.