Coronavirus has forced the shops to urgently recruit new sellers

As it turned out, the peak of the panic demand due to the pandemic of the novel coronavirus mostly fell on last weekend. But then began to decrease as the long shelves were not empty. They quickly filled out the necessary products. However, some regions have not yet fully coped with the hype for some types of goods.

Customers took himself in hand

In Perm the hype in the shops there, the people are calm. Retailers say that the current product stock will be enough for at least a month. No interruptions in supply.

“not crowded and the shelves don’t look empty in Sochi“, – the correspondent of “RG” by going to one of the stores of a large retail network.

Photo: Mikhail Japaridze/TASS the Situation with the importation of products in the shops normalized

Yakutia a shortage of food and essential commodities either. Base stacked with them. And this is not due to the coronavirus, and with the approaching opening of the rivers. Every spring wholesalers make huge reserves, because with the beginning of ice drift transport is suspended for a long time due to the lack of bridges.

Krasnoyarsk disappear from the shelves only promotional products (sprats, olives and other canned goods, sold at a discount). According to sellers of retail chains, the demand for the notorious buckwheat, canned goods and toilet paper still exists, but not to the same extent as a week ago. Enough stocks and mini-stores format “at home” – their owners claim that they did not feel any excitement.

Calm customers in Vladivostok. CEO of a chain of grocery stores Dmitry suleev only confirmed the presence of slightly increased demand for durable goods, which can be reserved. In his opinion, withknit it with powerful information wave in the media.

“In St. Petersburg food enough, in any case, formed a reserve,” – said the head of the city Alexander Beglov. Representatives of the networks have confirmed that the reserves of major commodity groups established in sufficient volume. Excessive demand in the shops if there were only a couple of days ago. According to sellers, this was due to high demand. The goods did not have time to put on the shelves. But in fact, no deficit.

Photo: Maxim Blinov/RIA Novosti In Kazan there was a grocery shopping service for singles

Volgograd the peak of purchases is also passed. Easy panic of the population rushed to buy cereals, pasta, potatoes. But for the most part this affected the major shopping centers. In convenience stores was not empty shelves. And Blagoveshchensk, the capital of the Chinese region of Russia, excitement is not detected. In the shops of the city, which is 700 metres from China, no fuss. “Don’t notice that someone food or hygiene products stocked for the future,” says Anna Velichko, the administrator of a trading hall of one of the large supermarkets in the city.

Empty shelves Kaliningrad oblast correspondents of “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” not found. More precisely, it was an isolated situation when on the shelves was not a specific product, sold at a discount.

But what is really missing, so it’s sanction products (cheeses, dairy products and sausages from Poland, who previously illegally sold on the streets of Kaliningrad). After all, they had been moved through border physical persons, which is now the entrance to a neighboring country is prohibited. Eyewitnesses RAskatyvajut: in the day when it became known about the closure of the Kaliningrad-Polish border, these tents lined up a huge queue of fans of the Polish “sanctions”.

That still isn’t enough

Almost all Khabarovsk stores, you can find cereals, and canned goods, and flour, and other products that are made to stock in case of emergency. But not everywhere. In one of the city’s popular discount stores were empty boxes of loose sugar, rice and buckwheat, have bought many pots of stew and milk for the shares.

Photo: REUTERS/Gennadiy Novik a week average check of online shops has doubled

“Croup and there is no sugar for three days, – has told the seller of shop. – Our supplier empty warehouses when will be the admission we don’t know”. It is worth noting, that the goods disappeared from the shelves, the most profitable price. The products are slightly more expensive, for example, buckwheat, Packed in boxes in the store there.

the Price is a great value. the Astrakhan this weekend going to make a boom in the wholesale market “Slavyanka”. People are prepared to buy a lot and cheap.

disinfection Means, by the way, recently in short supply everywhere. In Khabarovsk in several pharmacies on the question of the presence of an antiseptic answer in the negative. No special gel, no more budget chlorexidine. In a pharmacy of last resort is. Offer to buy a few alcohol wipes in individual packages. “Take it, then you will not find, now all dismantled quickly,” recommends pharmacist. You still can’t find and medical masks. “Are you sure? No? Even the children?”, – hope to ask buyers.

Experience: pallet purchases

In Belgorodskoy region trading network, capturing the interest of customers, have increased their pallet purchases. What is it? This is when the supplier gets the goods piled on huge pallets.

Photo: Eugene Vadim epanchitsev/RIA Novosti the Ministry gave recommendations to combat coronavirus shops and restaurants

learn what to do with those grains, when demand falls (and taking into consideration the reserves, it will happen for a long time) have thought in commercial networks. A representative of one of the Federal retailers Roman Chereshnev noted that the whole logistic process has been restructured based on the needs of each supermarket.

“online, we can see where and how the product is sold out, back and forward car with him,” said Chereshnev. The head of Department of the consumer market of the region Vladimir Zubov sure that the surest way to overcome the most unjustified demand growth – to replenish supermarket shelves constantly to the emptiness intensify the fear of people.

Rostov region trading business introduces new work schedules, attracting additional labor resources. “The last week and a half, we see increased demand for cereals, poultry meat, sugar and pasta. In this regard, we have already increased the frequency of deliveries, and also brought additional personnel to provide timely layout of the goods,” confirmed the Deputy Director of macro-region “Yug” major Federal trade networks Alexei Polyansky.

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