In the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon dropped unusual hail in the form of a coronavirus. Reported by the Daily Mail.

According to eyewitnesses, to have fallen to the ground grading clearly visible characteristic spikes like those that have the new coronavirus. The terrified local people saw the incident, “the message of God with a reminder of the need to stay home” during the epidemic.

About the same natural phenomenon also reported on the opposite side of the world. Twitter user Arlene Lee showed photos of “coronavirus” hail that fell in the Chinese city of Qingdao on may 18.

Meteorologist and consultant to the world Meteorological Organization, Jose Miguel Vinas studied appeared in social media pictures. He said that there is nothing supernatural in this: during the severe storms of hailstones of different sizes when accented with each other break up and clump together in a most unusual form, including, and forming the same spikes.