On Sunday must also close Alfa-Sauber in Hinwil its plant gates for three weeks. Ferrari is the last Thursday of sealing. And in England, the large Corona is announced-the help of the formula 1.

In the British Isles were counted until Sunday, more than 5000 cases and over 280 Dead. The British government has the same Problem as many of the 189 countries concerned: There is a lack of ventilation devices in the intensive care units.

With technology and super-brain

So were now asked all the seven Teams on the island (McLaren, Mercedes, Williams, Red Bull, Racing Point, Renault and Haas), to support their technology and the expert with a Expertise.

And all to said, to assist in the provision of additional equipment to the government. How does this look? Specific assistance in the area of prototype construction, Design, and test procedure was suggested.

world Cup Start in Montreal?

Since the world Cup Start at the earliest on the 14. June in Montreal is rising (also Baku was cancelled on Sunday), have all the Teams capacity to participate in the fight against the Corona-Ghost.

How, exactly, is being discussed with the University College in London. There are many formula 1 engineers have completed their studies.

dozens of bright minds

This means that There are now dozens of bright minds of the formula 1, in their giant High-Tech factories with many of the organisers at the factory to the manufacture of medical devices for the treatment of Covid-19-patient or to assist in their preparation.

Clearly, all the formula 1 Teams have experts in the fields of Design, technology and production. In addition, there are everywhere, specialists in the field of rapid prototype making.

Already this week, should be available in the first results. Also Ferrari, the suffering of all the Teams in Italy, of course, most of all, to have declared parts for ventilation equipment. And this must be worked despite the forced break, of course, also in Maranello.

The Phantom-season calendar 2020

7. June Baku – Cancelled!

14. June Montreal

28. June Le Castellet

5. July Spielberg

19. July Silverstone

26. July Spain

2. August, Budapest

23. August Zandvoort

30. August Spa

6. September Monza

20. September Singapore

27. September Sochi

4. October Hanoi

11. October Suzuka

25. October Austin

1. November Mexico City

15. November Sao Paulo

29. November Manama

6. December Abu Dhabi

Coronavirus: Cancellations and postponements in the sports

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