Coronavirus forced the British to empty the shelves

So, due to “extraordinary demand,” in most stores restrictions on antibacterial sanitizer, which can now be bought only in the amount of two units per person. This not only applies for purchases directly to the stores themselves, but also through online services.

Photo: AP Photo/Ebrahim Noroozi In Iran for a day due to the coronavirus has died, 49 people

In the supermarkets Tesco, notes The Sun besides antibiotics, including napkins and soap, limited sale of dairy products with a long shelf life now you can buy up to 5 pieces.

the Daily Mail said that residents of the UK on the news media “rushed” to buy for the future, including all kinds of canned food. It is reported that this weekend’s supermarkets flooded buyers. “This is clearly overkill. People fought each other over toilet paper rolls. Due to talk about the restrictions on the sale of bottled water, all rushed to buy”, quotes the edition of the client Whether Kennedy personally oversaw the boom in the Costco store.