Test the capacity of the connection with the dreaded coronavirus is now being increased fivefold in denmark.

It means that at least 5,000 and probably even more possible infected can be tested in the hospitals daily.

the Inventory of the significantly increased the test capacity is made from the data collected from all five regions microbiological departments.

“I am prould like hell that we through hard work has increased testing capacity to a level where we will be able to test five times as many danes as in the past,” says Stephanie Lose (V), chairman of the Danish Regions and international architects in the Region of southern denmark.

“It applies to both patients and employees in healthcare, care for the elderly and social services,” she says further.

As B. T. could tell on Thursday, was the Capital Region alone is already as ready to be able to test 2,500 people daily for coronaviruses. The increase in the number of to now of 5,000 danes covers the entire country.

the Health director, Søren Brostrøm, has expressed the hope that the authorities must be brought up to a capacity of 10,000 tests daily.

If or when it can be achieved, it is currently no announcement from the agency or out in the regions.

The actual statement, which is to say, in the time of this writing now stands at 5,000 tests a day, rows initial 14 days ahead.

It is the hope and expectation that the capacity can be kept at least at the same level and also the like becomes higher, so that there can be so many possible infected, which is what the world health Organization strongly recommends.

When it is possible to increase the test capacity in Denmark in the course of a few days, due to, among other things, that the Danish Regions in the last week created a national task force with a focus on just to get the test the capacity of the weather.

A number of external vendors as f.ex. Novo Nordisk and DTU are some of those who have offered. Only those two can deliver 2,000 tests, when they in a short time has come up in production.

WHOs a senior adviser on empedemier, the canadian professor dr. Bruce Aylward, who is one of the world’s leading within its field, has since the end of January again and again reiterated, that in order to contain the corona virus most possible, is the direct method ‘to test, test, test’.

First, at the beginning of this week changed the Danish authorities strategy and now has as goal to test as many people as possible.

And it applies to both health professionals and patients.

Until then was only tested in cases where there was strong suspicion of coronasmitte or the outbreak of Covid-19.