Coronavirus extended for a week New year: speculators expect the rise of prices

due to the outbreak of 2019 coronavirus-nCoV Chinese authorities have extended the official new year holidays until February 10. The largest production sites of China are idle that causes concern, Russian suppliers of electronics. But sellers are preparing for shortages and higher prices. How dependent the domestic market of electrical goods from the Chinese epidemic and whether to wait for this shortage of buyers?

Mikhail Kolupaev takes a medical mask only at the time of the interview. The businessman carried to Russia from China led panel and now fears price increase on the popular Chinese electronics.

“Prices on electronics to rise, probably will, but at a slow pace – it’s not food, every day do not use such excessive demand. The fact that now they have this first week will be idle manufacturers, if you continue to be simple, Yes – growth will start small. First 3 percent, and so gradually each week will be raise from 3 to 5 percent,” predicted a businessman from Shenzhen, Mikhail kolupayev.

Some experts expect shortage of Chinese goods in Russia in March. According to their forecasts, the price increase will start from the Far East.

“of Course, the coronavirus has affected terms of delivery, because the Chinese have extended their already long Chinese New year. This means that, if the producers don’t care about the presence of goods in the warehouse, they will be the interruption in supply. And if the product is small, the deficit will be, then, of course, prices will go up,” agrees the Director of the Department of fiscal solutions company “ATOL” Ivan Kollegov.

Major distributors comfort: stocks of household appliances with a Chinese chip in it, so the price in the near future will remain the same.

“as for consumer electronics, which includes tablets, phones, there may be a small correction up. But it has to do primarily with the fact that it vysokomolekivenue products. And those drains that are in Russia for these products, they will be faster to clean up. First of all it concerns low price segment”, — adds the Director of the division “consumer electronics” Merlion Constantin Dessler.

Full of optimism and national retailers. While the Chinese industry on forced vacation until February 10, and thus the deficit in supply will not.

“There is a full range of digital and household appliances. And there is a sufficient flow to provide the demand, which is. Moreover, we do not change prices and conduct all scheduled and traditional action before the spring holidays, so everyone can buy gifts,” says PR Director of group “M-Video — Eldorado” Valery Andreyev.

Experts agree on one thing: the rumors about the shortage of goods and a sharp rise in prices for products with Chinese electronics based on panic.

If the PRC will extend the quarantine for another week, the cost of equipment may increase by three percent. No more. The main thing is to be feared, while the coronavirus is not defeated, is speculators artificially overprice, explaining all the Chinese epidemic.