Regularly view TV experts invites you into the Studio to answer readers ‘ questions to the Coronavirus. On Wednesday at 9 a.m. a house doctor and a children’s therapist, the most important questions of the readers accepted.

In the Studio were:

Irene Glauser, family doctor in Ossingen ZHErhard occurs ibach, child and adult psychotherapist

Glauser: forecast epidemiologists. The depends on how we behave in the next time. To stay home, wash hands and keep their distance. If we fail to comply with the all the forecasts are that the Virus may flatten the end of may.

occurs ibach: It depends on how old the child is and how big his consciousness for a variety of topics. In the case of smaller children not to panic and not of the dead speak. If it learns the child anyway, then you can explain it to you.

Glauser : no, you are not. Both the current Covid-19 and Sars belong to the Coronavirus, but it is two different types of virus.

occurs ibach: The children don’t know what the reason is, you are not allowed in the school and that this does not automatically mean that you now have a holiday. It brings nothing, if you force the children for hours on end, to do the tasks of the school. This leads only to conflicts. At best, you’ll find a good mix between the other pursuits in the home and school work.

Glauser: it is Important that we clean the items, but our hands and this face keep. This is the most effective way to keep the Virus away.

Glauser : as far as we know, the body forms after an infection enough antibodies, which no longer makes another Plug in possible.

occurs ibach: , The children should, as soon as the dispute is in the air, the parents separated and, for example, in the room be sent, until the tempers have cooled down. If this is not possible, should be split between the parents and the children deal with and so the Situation to relax.

Glauser : Yes, that would unfortunately mean re quarantine, because it is not certain whether it has actually had the Coronavirus. Therefore, it is important that you keep your distance and no contact with other people. the

occurs ibach : This is a General Problem, also in adults. Important in adolescents is that parents take concerns seriously and respond to. But it is also clearly communicate, on what platforms is reliable and what is Fake News and what is not.

Glauser: Tend to be more with over 65 years of age to one hundred percent healthy. This could be increased blood pressure, cardiovascular problems or trouble with the immune system. I think the mark of 65 years was set for these reasons.

Glauser : This will be decided on the basis of pre-existing medical conditions of the patients and chances of Survival. In this Situation, the Doctors are currently in Italy, and I can imagine that this goes to the substance. Such a scenario can be prevented in Switzerland, but, if we stick to the rules from the BAG.

occurs ibach: you Care about video chat, and telephone contacts to families and friends, keep fit, go out to fresh air and treat yourself to something Good.


The Coronavirus currently holds the world in suspense. Many countries are taking measures such as Closing schools or limiting public events, to prevent the spread. In Switzerland, too, the grass, the Virus magnetized. All of the current information and Figures around the topic there is in the Coronavirus-Ticker.