Coronavirussen rampant in the entire world, where people lose their life on the strip. And the UNITED states is one of the countries that is hit hard.

It means that murderers, gangstermedlemmer and murderers try to use the virus to come out of the prison.

And offenders get the help of their lawyers. It writes the New York Post.

the Lawyers believe that their clients have the great opportunity to be infected with the dødlige virus, when they are in crowded areas in the prison.

the Lawyers think it is a matter of health.

According to the american media, there are examples of criminals who have been allowed to serve their punishment in private instead of behind bars.

Thus, a judge approved that skattesnyderen Morris Zukerman can be released to serve his sentence at home.

the New York Post adds that some places have freed up to 300 inmates and placed them at the hotels not the place.

the Media has also chosen to publish the names of some of the most dangerous criminals, as the lawyers want out of the prison.

One of them is 26-year-old Frantz Petion. He has been accused of raping a 10-year-old girl in his bedroom in 2018.

the Teacher Jonathan Deutsch also believes that the virus is dangerous for him. He is sitting behind bars, because he used Facebook to find small children, which would send him sexual images.

New York is as hard hit by the coronavirussen it earlier in the week came up that we are running equal away in trucks.