Coronavirus created the problem retailers

Coronavirus added work not only to physicians but also to retailers. This is due to the arising logistical issues.

From January 30 to the border of Russia with China were temporarily closed in the five regions of the Far East. Trucks with vegetables left on the other side of the checkpoint. But now the freight traffic has resumed. And queues on the border there.

“the third of February this year, the checkpoints began to work steadily. Currently freight vehicles followed in Russia, and from Russia”, — said Oleg Borisov, first Deputy head of the Ussuri customs.

1600 tons of vegetables and fruits. So much was introduced to the region during the day. Carriers of the coronavirus, they are not. Trading bases imported goods will disperse in the coming days. And the output of a large network in the region plan to negotiate with new suppliers from Iran, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Morocco and Israel.

“Difficulties with logistics, we do not feel, however, looking for the possibility of supply from other countries to replace products from China, similar price and quality”, — said Denis Kuznetsov, head of Department on public relations of the company of the retailer.

In some outlets, the prices have increased, especially for cucumbers and tomatoes. The Federal Antimonopoly service plan to check the validity of overpricing.

In the administration of Primorsky Krai calm, that the cost of the “borsch set” in Primorye are kept under control. Vegetables enough for at least two to three months.

“We have all this information and, together with the office of the Federal Antimonopoly service will come to check. Chinese tomatoes, cucumbers twice, they should stay on level. So if they went up twice, this is speculation. Already came the first trucks with zucchini, eggplant, greens, cabbage, then there are already the goods to us is already gone,” explained Elena Koval, Deputy Minister of industry and trade of the seaside edgeme.

Customs brokers are afraid that problems might face and non-food retailing. All companies wait for in China over the new year holidays. They have been extended until February 10.

“of Course, the following will have problems with non-food items, which are fairly large part of the imports from people’s Republic of China. This is all the market which we imported from China. Everything there from apples, there cowards to rather sophisticated equipment, which is, incidentally, a significant portion of imports,” said Julia shlyonsky, the President of the company, providing services in the field of logistics and customs.

Medical masks you can buy, but in some regions the excessive demand. From 20 to 26 January, the pharmacy has sold 1 million 385 thousand masks is three times more than the previous week. In this regard, some pharmacies have begun to limit the sale of masks in one hand, for example, not more than 100 pieces or more than packaging.

Stocked with masks and deputies of the state Duma. How not to get sick — you know, the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky: “there he is sick sneezes, I can protect myself, and if I spent all day at work, then two hours you need to change the mask. Quickly put on all the masks and all day to be in disguise!”

And all surfaces Zhirinovsky recommends that you handle antiseptics.