Coronavirus contributes to the development of online forms of education

In Vladivostok, empty schools. Now the teachers transmit knowledge and check progress online.

Empty outside, empty inside. It seems that life in the far Eastern Federal University is completely stopped, but it is not. The learning process is entirely moved to the Internet.

Most classrooms are empty, but not all. In this example, the students at the time has changed roles with the teachers. Now, the young teach their elders. The transition to online education. Of course, with masks, surrounded by sanitizers and purifiers.

Actually, the Federal institution is actively using the e-learning format in 2018. It’s and online courses from other universities, as well as a huge number of presentations of own developments. For those who are used to teach students the old established corps of volunteers — a total of 70 people. They help with setting up and using the online environment to solve emerging IT problems.

Now University as in defense. Watch at the entrance — the final frontier, which is only accessible by special permit. It’s either the staff or the units teachers who have not found the possibility of working online from home.

Here is a lecture in Chinese. Connected students — all home, all in may to take exams. In the video centre is the University recording lectures. Moreover, the students can connect and participate in webinars. After all of this can be seen on the official University channel.

IT professionals are now watching the process almost round the clock. Most importantly, what has been done to achieve a smooth transition from the classical system online, so the learning process continues.