Coronavirus comes: back home, the Russians with Diamond Princess

Four of the Russians, released 20 February with a cruise liner Diamond Princess, are going closest scheduled flights to fly Home. “The medical tests they took on 15 February. That is, for five days, they were infected with the coronavirus liner. And before you go ashore, they were not checked,” — said in the program “60 minutes” correspondent VGTRK in Japan Sergey Mingazov.

He noticed that on the morning of 15 February the number of identified cases was 218, and now there are 621 people. According to the writer, the four released Russians while posted in one of Central Tokyo hotels. To fly home on February 20, they had no time.

Mingazheva was able to talk with people who have evacuated.

“It’s friendly, nice people. They’re going to voluntarily go into quarantine on the country. Help for them is important confirmation that they are healthy,” — said the journalist.

According to some information, Russian tourists gather on 21 February scheduled flight to fly to Moscow in business class. They feel great and believe that they are in no danger.

the Two Russians who were released from quarantine ship the day before, on Thursday flew by a regular flight to Vladivostok. Most likely, they are at home.

passengers from the Diamond Princess continues to release.

“the evening the liner will leave about 500 people who have the virus are not diagnosed. But would leave about fifteen hundred, including 14 of our compatriots, who expect to go ashore until the end of the week,” — emphasizes Sergei Mingazhev.

Among the 79 passengers who had been diagnosed with a coronavirus, were two more Russians. Thus, among infected three of our compatriot. Embassy officials say that the patients themselves are asked not to call their names.

in addition, it became known about the first victims of the coronavirus on Board the ship Diamond Princess. According to Japanese media reports, from the coronavirus killed a man and a woman. Both were older than 80 years. About a week ago they were hospitalized in medical institutions with symptoms of a dangerous disease.