Coronavirus: Chinese nurses do not think about death

How does the shift doctors in Wuhan, China?

Breakfast, lunch and dinner — that’s how it is on the chair in front of the door. Open it now only to pick up the container. Student at Wuhan Institute of Pedagogical Hope in hard quarantine. And to escape from the room is strictly prohibited. First coronavirus found her friends. Now she is with the temperature.

the good news — says Nadezhda — one of these friends was discharged, and she, most likely, colds, coronavirus has not been confirmed. But the next two weeks — complete isolation in a special hotel block at the University.

to stop the epidemic in Wuhan tightening quarantine measures. To appear on the street nobody. The exception is only for physicians and emergency services. Food, medicines, Essentials promises to deliver the apartments are centralized. In Beijing, which is recovering after the protracted break, everything is easier. But here — mainly rushes up to a nearby store.

In some areas, to get into a residential area, you must go through a special sanitary box. Ordinary plastic tent. Carpet, apparently soaked in disinfectant. Disinfecting the air. Now I’m completely disinfected. This, however, tour ends.

what are these particular precautions, it becomes clear when you open the map. Special application issues: in the neighboring house lived infected with the coronavirus. Now he, of course, in the hospital. But the safety — that first and foremost.

Metal fences enclose entire neighborhoods, so much so that the mules have to contrive to pass the order. Here is a one-story neighborhoods of old Beijing. Each house is controlled by employees of house committees.

When of the 22 million inhabitants of the Chinese capital a third of the migrants from the provinces, the main question to all of you who are returning after holidays, and whether you were in Wuhan and in Hubei province? For those who will hide the fact of travel to the epicenter of infection, especially disease, for criminal liability. And now in Beijing is not what in the neighborhood, the yard will not come — registration.

They separated several floors and terrible diagnosis – a “coronavirus”. Li Xian put it, when childbirth was a mere three weeks. And instead of the hospital — infectious diseases Department. What was the joy when the baby was born healthy.

But many nurses their own children a little older. And they day — with patients in the wards. And this is their informed choice. “Of course, I also really want to take his son in his arms, hugging him to let him know how much I love it. But now I have to protect Wuhan and the whole country,” said one of the nurses.

baby boy Blue Cuidan a week sees only in the pictures. She is a lab assistant and conduct rapid tests for coronavirus. Pending the outcome of thousands of families.

“what they are doing, it is impossible to describe with words. They save our lives, working in four shifts, seven days a week. It’s touching to tears,” the locals say.

And one of the Wuhan hospitals two nurses waiting for the firstborn. But the risk of infection does not stop. “Professional ethics does not allow us to think about death. Only forward!” they say.

Nurses as they can lift the spirit of patients to not feel isolated. An example serves themselves. In the temporary hospitals that had deployed inside the shopping and exhibition centers are mostly patients with mild and those who are quarantined, pending the results of the survey. It is clear that being cooped up is not the most pleasant experience. Out how can: lectures via the Internet and even sports training.

China is a real online boom in the absence of live communication. Even healthy employers for opportunitiesand please do not come to the offices and work from home at least until the beginning of March. Combating coronavirus artists have to dedicate to painting. In traditional Chinese style. The work of one of the Shanghai masters — about how neighbors share with each other masks, and physicians travel to the epicenter of the infection, as it is written in the picture, the “front line”. And this is no exaggeration.

Text: “News of the week”