Coronavirus came to Russia: in the situation room and talked about the current situation

Our country is ready to start evacuation of Russians from China in connection with the coronavirus. About this a few hours ago, said Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova, who heads the operational headquarters. According to her, Russia has identified two cases of infection. Both cases are citizens of China. One is located in the Tyumen region, the other in Transbaikalia. They are isolated. Golikova also said to suspend the issuance of work visas to Chinese citizens.

In the night of Friday, the who declared the outbreak of the novel coronavirus emergency situation of international importance. Already in the morning again gathered operational headquarters under the leadership of Deputy Prime Minister Golikova.

“Before the result of the information on those additional measures that we have taken, I would like to inform you that service of Rospotrebnadzor on the territory of Russia revealed two patients. New infection of 2019 coronavirus-nCoV recorded in Zabaykalsky Krai and Tyumen region. Patients are supervised, they are isolated, they are provided with the necessary assistance. Both Chinese citizens. One of them was on the territory of the people’s Republic of China nearly a month, leaving there on December 28 and returning January 26. Second citizen around the same period returned January 28. The disease was easy enough, in a satisfactory condition. Both were hospitalized in the infectious Department of the relevant in the box chamber. The risk of further spread of the disease to today,” — said Golikova.

With zero hours on January 31 closed pedestrian and vehicle checkpoints in the far East. Also limited the movement of citizens of China through the Mongolian-Russian border. Stop the flights, in addition to regular flights of “Aeroflot” in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong and four other Chinese airlines. All these planes will fly to Sheremetyevo in a separate terminal F. now at the online table terminal displays only Chinese flights. To meet the passengers will be employees of the CPS.

“In the airport Sheremetyevo strengthened sanitary control. Those who are from China are examined by using distance of eometrie, as well as in terminals with the help of thermal imagers. There is a total screening of people arriving as international flights and domestic” — said acting head of the territorial Department of Rospotrebnadzor on MO transport in the airport of the Sheremetyevo Sergey Kalinin.

“Aeroflot” allow passengers with tickets to China, issued not later than 24 January date to February 7, to change the date of departure or return the ticket without additional charges.

“In connection with the epidemiological situation in China “Aeroflot” has decided to provide passengers the opportunity to change the date of departure or return purchased tickets to all destinations Aeroflot to/from China: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Harbin, and through code-sharing with Chinese partners Aeroflot, China Eastern and China Southern (Sanya, Dalian, Wuhan)”.

the Russians are in the epicenter of the epidemic, the Chinese province of Hubei, will be exported to Russia, if they themselves agree. In the near future the foreign Ministry will contact them and make an accurate list.

“We are starting the evacuation of our citizens from Wuhan and Hubei. The rest of the day we find out how many citizens there is a final figure. According to preliminary data, in Wuhan there are 300 people. On the territory of Hubei province 341. We define the relevant Board, which will fly to Wuhan in order to transport our citizens back here for future premises under quarantine for 14 days. To accompany the Board the service of Rospotrebnadzor”, — said Deputy Prime Minister.

Returned home and the Russian tourists having a rest on the Chinese island of Hainan.

“Now in Hainan are, according to ROStourism, about 2665 of our citizens. All of these citizens to the 4th of February must be returned to Russia. They are returned on Charter flights. Quarantine for them will not. It will be only for those who have revealed any signs of disease or fever”.

the government calm: protective equipment in the country enough, and the prices for antiviral drugs will be closely monitored:

“some pharmacies now buy personal protective equipment. Some pharmacy chains inflated prices for prevention. Therefore, we turn to the pharmacy chains, manufacturers, so that they do not use a current situation. Operational headquarters instructed the Federal Antimonopoly service and the health Ministry to curb the attempts of overpricing”.

“the Antimonopoly office has received several complaints about the rising prices of medical masks and antiviral drugs. For its part, the FAS will hold a relevant work in the framework of its powers”, — stated in the message of FAS.

Most of the passengers a direct train Beijing — Moscow was released in Irkutsk. First cars went up medics in biohazard suits — each temperature was measured.

Nizhny Novgorod research Institute of epidemiology and Microbiology, a laboratory group for the diagnosis of coronavirus. The scientists treated samples of suspicious patients and for five hours diagnose — sick or not. Until around the Volga region a single confirmed case.

“in our country developed very good diagnostic preparations. They work great. Diagnostic level is very high,” — commented the Director of Federal budget institution of science “Nizhny Novgorod research Institute of epidemiology and Microbiology them. academician I. N. The Blokhina,” Yevgeny Yefimov.

the Production of two uniquepromotion test systems established in Novosibirsk. They were developed by the specialists of the state center of Virology “Vector”. Per week produce about 25 thousand of these sets — enough to provide all regions of our country.

“specialists of the center “Vector” has developed two unique new diagnostic kit that can detect coronavirus. They have a very high sensitivity. One of them directly identify the new coronavirus, the second allows you to identify both the infection and the virus of severe acute respiratory syndrome, which is more known to us as the SARS virus,” — said Deputy Director General of the FBSI SRC VB “Vector” Elena Gavrilova.

the national plan to prevent the introduction and spread of infection on the territory of Russia will approve the head of government. However, protection from the virus is a responsibility of each of us.

“we don’t need to travel to China. Limit its participation in public events exactly because it comes the flu, very similar to the coronavirus. Wash please hands. Keep clean your gadgets. Do not touch your face. Please take care of yourself. The first symptoms should cause each of us to go to the doctor”,— appealed the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova.

it is Important to track the status of children and the elderly. For people in the age of this virus is the most dangerous.