The Swiss economy is suffering from the ongoing Corona-crisis. Already, around one-third of the company’s liquidity have problems. In two months, it is likely to be half of all companies in Switzerland. This is the conclusion of the economic umbrella organisation Economiesuisse. It is based on a member survey, which was presented on Thursday to the media.

Swiss companies confronted with several problems. This starts with supply shortages. Just about materials such as flavors, drugs, rare earths, alcohol for disinfectant, or building materials have become.

companies are struggling with sales …

great sales are now in decline. Many companies are struggling with sales in the domestic and, increasingly, abroad. Here, other regions are, according to Asia, is now being increasingly affected.

on average, the revenue decline amounts to about 20 percent. And the trend is rising. However, Economiesuisse notes here, big differences. As a beverage manufacturer, for example only a drop of about 10 percent. A toy manufacturer had a sales decline of 98 percent.

… and with a worse payment morale

As if that wasn’t enough, add to that another Problem: So many companies were faced with a payment record, which has got worse in the past few days, in the case of some companies, noticeably. That would bring more companies into liquidity difficulties.

As the help of the Federal government come just in time, finds Economiesuisse. On Wednesday, Finance Minister Ueli Maurer (69 SVP) has unveiled a 20-billion-aid package. Starting this Thursday, the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in amounts of up to 500’000 francs, the credit free of interest and without charge from the house Bank. The emergency measures were targeted and practical, to negative chain reactions in the economy to break, judge of the economic umbrella organisation.

most of The companies that participated in the survey, expect that the crisis lasts for three to six months. The travel industry with tourism, hospitality or travel agencies is even assumed to be twelve months affected. However, Economiesuisse not attributed with a broke shaft. Although it will come to individual bankruptcy. The emergency measures the Federal government should prevent a chain reaction but.

However, there are also positive developments

is Still difficult to assess how the pandemic will impact on the gross domestic product (GDP). Currently, Economiesuisse expects a decline of perhaps two percent. It could also be less, if, for example, soon a vaccine will be found.

the Swiss company, However, can recognize themselves in the crisis, is still Positive. For example, the digitization efforts have experienced a boost. And: the home office of employees is likely to be become by the Coronavirus sustainable, socially acceptable.