For weeks, the Corona-crisis determines our life – while shopping, at leisure, at work. Many do not have to restrict your daily life tremendously, but fear for their existence. The Federal government jumps in with a rescue package of historic proportions.

The Bundestag has fast-tracked the course, on Friday, the Federal Council with a unanimous vote: The enormous aid programmes followed in the Corona-crisis!

The country’s chamber met in a very small occupation: The countries sent only one representative, and waived contributions, in order to keep the meeting short and to the risk of infection is low. It was decided to have a Mega-package for the the Federal government wants to make this year a new record debt: 156 billion euros will be included in credits.

The guides are now to attack quickly so that the money arrives in a few days, in the case of the needy – the first money flow is probably still in front of the 1. April. But no one yet knows whether you are rich.

Who can now hope to support: