About 45 percent of Muscovites, from whom the coronavirus was confirmed in recent days, under 45 years of age. It is reported by Telegram-channel operational staff.

For the last day in the city has revealed 6703 new cases of coronavirus. For all the time in Moscow has registered 92 676 patients 9227 of them recovered, 905 died.

According to doctors, 37.9 percent of new patients – people aged 18 to 45 years, 6.8 per cent were children. About 36.5 percent of the increase is people from 46 to 65 years, 11.8% – from 66 to 79 years, seven percent were older than 80 years.

As reported by “the Rambler,” Deputy Moscow mayor Anastasia Rakova said that in recent days the number of coronavirus was discharged from hospital in patients for the first time exceeded the number of hospitalizations.

According Cancer, in the last 24 hours left the hospital 2025 people, and was hospitalized 1712 patients.