Coronavirus and Ukraine for participation in the riots detained 24 people

24 people were detained for violating public order in the Poltava region. Ukrainians protested against the deployment of evacuated its citizens from China in local motels. Injured nine law enforcement officers.

Thursday from China to Ukraine were evacuated 73 people. After passing the necessary procedures, they were sent to quarantine in a medical center of National guard of Ukraine, located in the village of Novye Sanzhary in Poltava region. This angered local residents, they staged a protest rally and blocked the car tires and appliances entrances to a health institution.

the Evacuated Ukrainians was met with protests and burning tires, demanding not to start, and someone even offered to send in Chernobyl. All this resulted in clashes with police. These developments eclipsed the anniversary euromaidan. President Zelensky was forced to remind the citizens about humanity, and to calm the protests sent the APCS, and the Minister Avakov.

As stated by the head of the National police of Ukraine Igor Klimenko, the investigation is ongoing, the actions of each citizen will be given a legal assessment, reports TASS.

Official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova believes the protests against the deployment in the Poltava region of Ukraine evacuated from Wuhan dehumanization of civil society and the disorganization of management.