stock prices are in free fall. Here are the answers to the most common questions.

Why, exactly, the stock prices falling right now?

Because the Coronavirus is from the loss of production caused. This puts pressure on the profits of the company. Company and interest rates are the main factors that influence stock prices are profits.

My stock is falling and falling. The stress. What should I do?

draw The Lessons from it, and never buy stocks. Or the exchange of the old masters André Kostolany remember. He said: “Who has the shares if they fall, you also, if you are on the rise.”

Should I now sell my shares or is it already too late?

anyone Who invests in the long term, is by stock market turbulence will not be swayed. To answer the second question, one would have to know whether the shares will fall further. I don’t know. Once again André Kostolany: “Equip your portfolio with solid Blue-Chips, swallow the tablets with a pack of sleeping, set the alarm for ten, better fifteen years.”

I want To buy more now and lower rates benefit?

A stock market rule: “never Attack in a falling knife.” And many people say that you should not throw good money after bad. This may apply when an individual stock falls in a stable environment. It is different, if the share prices fall on a broad Front. Me, the rule convinced to Buy in a bear market, sell in the boom.

I have zero experience with share. It is now useful to join?

Only if you take the words of Warren Buffet to heart: “don’t never buy a stock if You the price halved so can live with that.”

Why fall share, might benefit from the Coronavirus?

In fact,: Even shares of solid companies, not or only slightly be cutting their dividend, with a large probability. The reason for this is that billions of funds are invested in investment funds. If investors in its funds to sell the shares, must be automatically in Fund shares sold.

The shares were overvalued even before the outbreak of the Corona epidemic. Why are not like the stock more?

There are always reasons why a stock rise or fall. However, because of the Ziinsen are so low, or even negative, stay bonds, is completely uninteresting. There are few Alternatives to equities. After all, the majority of pay out dividends.

it Is possible that we have the end of 2020, higher stock exchange stands as the beginning of the year?

in Principle, everything is possible. Or someone would have thought at the beginning of 2019, the main stock markets of the world will grow by 30 percent?

again at The end of 1999, the late André Kostolany: On the stock exchange 2 2 times never 4, but 5 minus 1. You just have to have the nerve, the minus 1 to endure.


The Coronavirus currently holds the world in suspense. Many countries are taking measures such as Closing schools or limiting public events, to prevent the spread. In Switzerland, too, the grass, the Virus magnetized. All of the current information and Figures around the topic there is in the Coronavirus-Ticker.

Coronavirus, Sars-Cov-2, Covid-19 – what is What?

In the case of the Corona-pandemic reigns confusion about the terms. In this case, these three names mixed up again and again:

coronaviruses are a family of Viruses. This can affect both animals and people, and different symptoms trigger. Corona (dt. Crown) refers to their crown-like projections.

In January 2020 was identified in the Chinese city of Wuhan, a new Coronavirus. Sars-Cov is Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (dt. severe acute respiratory syndrome-Coronavirus). Since it belongs to the same type as the Coronavirus of Sars epidemic in 2002 and 2003, it received the number 2.

The Sars-Cov-2 triggers in certain cases, a respiratory disease. This is referred to as the Covid-19, so Coronavirus disease (dt. Coronavirus Disease). The number 19 refers to the year 2019, by the disease was diagnosed for the first Time. Symptoms include severe lung inflammation.