Coronavirus and the gold rush: Merkel performs difficult twine

“In the fight against the pandemic coronavirus in Germany, Angela Merkel forced to performs difficult splits: the Chancellor tries to calm those who buys the toilet paper and flour, and now switched to precious metals. Gold rush – the last thing you need right now to authorities,” the broadcast “60 minutes” correspondent VGTRK in Berlin Alexander Korostelev describe the current situation in the country.

According to him, that is why Merkel in her address to the people of Germany stressed that the healthcare system in the country remains one of the strongest in the world. But the question is what price Germany will overcome this pandemic.

however, Korostelev said, citizens of Germany are known as Merkel “Mutti” (mummy).

“She hurried to pull up the Germans for criminal negligence. Many act like coronavirus does not concern them, walk in parks, play with children. While the Berlin government yesterday shut down all the playgrounds,” said the writer.

he Also said in Germany the ordinary people trying to survive the quarantine coronavirus, ignoring the prohibitions.

“Who can’t go out to bars and discos, because they are closed, going to a barbecue under the open sky. And many owners of bars, in spite of all regulations, in a rather extravagant form to continue to work: let the visitors knock on a conditional or preliminary agreement, thereby provoking a police operation,” stated the reporter.

In conclusion, he noted that the supply situation in the country stabilized. Stores time to fill out the goods and supply problems are not expected, despite the jammed due to congestion on the border food truck. For them, the authorities promised to allocate on the road separate lanes so as not to delay the delivery of goods.

Germany is among the ten countries that have the strictest quarantine measures in the fight against coronavirus. The authorities shut down the mageZina, churches, sports facilities, bars and clubs in 16 regions. Chancellor Angela Merkel said that these measures are critically needed in order to fight the spread of the pandemic.

According to recent reports, the world revealed more than 226 thousand infected COVID-19. Over 85 thousand of those infected have recovered, more than 9 thousand were killed.