beware of the Corona rip-off!

respiratory masks and disinfectants, but also toilet paper or baking yeast Goods, the goods before the spread of the Coronavirus at low prices affordable, some dealers and vendors of a sudden the exorbitant price, and an object of speculation become. the the consumer to see the Central concern.

So, breathing protection masks cost in Internet for 999 Euro. Other consumers complain about the extremely inflated prices for disinfectants at local retailers: 80 euros instead of 12 euros wanted to have a suddenly for his goods. And toilet paper is available on some websites for any amount of money.

The consumer centre of Hamburg has reached this exorbitant quote: in The Real Marketplace, was. of a seller of toilet paper for 32.99€ offer photo: Verbraucherzentrale Hamburg

The Board of Directors of the NRW consumer advice centre, Wolfgang Schuldzinski, reported by countless consumer requests for the Corona-pandemic He warned of a “Crisis profiteers”, to offer the about as a result of the hoarding of toilet paper in the Internet “at exorbitant prices”.

The consumer center of Hamburg collects, for example, on its website the complaints from customers!