recently, this Situation was unthinkable: The Federal Council calls on us to avoid public transport such as rail and buses. SBB CEO Andreas Meyer on Twitter: “Avoiding heavily-loaded trains, uses other means of transport”. Public transport, for many Swiss, the means of transportation par excellence, while the corona of crisis, to the great danger of Contagion and drives his offer since Thursday massively down.

But not every worker who commuted with public TRANSPORT for work, are currently working in the home office. Therefore, many are looking for mobility alternatives. And so the often outlaw car will suddenly be a welcome Alternative. Cheap-car dealer benefited until last Monday that some commuters found out quickly with a cheap, but functioning second car. This ability no longer provides for the Federal Council decreed a halt.

relatives and friends or hire a car

Nevertheless, there are other Alternatives, such as existing public TRANSPORT commuters to come in the short term, a cheap automotive replacement for your way to work. The easiest way is the car of a relative or acquaintance who is not currently in need, borrow. In addition, the Mobility or the classic car hire are on offer. However, both seems to be in the audience during the highly contagious Corona-pandemic (hygiene reasons?) no popular Alternative. In any case, neither the Mobility nor the great classic rental companies reported so far, a significant demand increase, quite the contrary. This is probably why the landlord, such as Enterprise, Switzerland, belonging to the Enterprise Rent-A-Car, National Car Rental and Alamo Rent A Car lure, now, with attractive discounts. So Enterprise up to 15 offers. In may 2020, a discount of 40 percent. The rental period can be determined individually, from one to 120 days.

Hertz proves to support heart

To all those who, in spite of a Coronavirus is still a day for the company in the use and Extraordinary things, provides Hertz over 1000 vehicles at cost price. Thus, the largest Swiss car rental company would like to thank the many people in the health sector for their selfless efforts. Roberto Delvecchio, Director of Sales & Marketing for Hertz Switzerland: “With our fleet we would like to ensure the mobility of people who are not able to stay at home, now”. Who wants to take the offer, you can contact Hertz by E-Mail to or at telephone number 044 732 12 07.

Popular car subscriptions for a fixed price

another popular Alternative is the so-called Auto-subscriptions from providers such as, for example, Auto Kunz, Carify, Carvolution, Cyde, Julcar, Volvo Car Rent, or from 1. May also Ubeeqo (Amag). There you can book vehicles over the Internet to a fixed price and, for example, after the end of the corona crisis again return. In the price included tax, insurance, registration, maintenance – only the Fuel must be paid for. Carvolution, for example, launched currently, in collaboration with a major food distributor, a subscription offer from 299 Swiss francs in the month; valid for up to five different models (including an electric car). Such Auto-subscriptions poking currently a lot of interest: So, it means in Carify that you edit at least twice as many requests as before, the corona of a crisis.

Free Parking in the city of Zurich

Although now a lot of commuters as public TRANSPORT in the car, drive to work, there on the invasion of Saxony by all of the “home officer”, although noticeably less traffic, but issues with Parking and long term Parking in the City. Therefore, the basic supply in the City of Zurich, are allowed to Park in the city of Zurich employees during working hours free of charge. The permit’s in the police and is up to 19. April on a temporary basis. The Zurich SVP is also calling, from the audience, hardly more frequented places such as the Sechseläutenplatz during the lock downs to commuter large Parking lots remodel. But a fast implementation is rather questionable. Nevertheless, during the probably weeks duration of the standstill phase, it requires creative and easy ideas and proposals for facilitation of the professional everyday life.