The professional footballer Nadia Nadim, as for the daily scores goal for Paris Saint-Germain, is ready to for a little while to throw fodboldstøvlerne back on the shelf and take lægekitlen on, if the corona-the crisis is getting worse.

The she says in an interview sent via twitter with a press contact in the French team.

the 32-year-old Nadia Nadim currently reside at the home of the family in Denmark, where she keeps herself isolated to avoid infection.

All the while the citizens of bl.a. France day by day can see that the number of infected, intensive required and dead rising alarmingly fast every time, there comes the new, updated figures from health authorities.

“If the situation gets worse than it is now, and there will be a need for doctors, so I will definitely report me volunteering to help. Then I take the white coat on,” says Nadia Nadim, which – in parallel with its terrific football career – graduated as a doctor in 2019.

She goes on to say:

“My older sister is also a doctor, and my two younger sisters are nurses, and they work every day. In addition, I have many friends who are doctors, so I get many first hand accounts about how the situation is. So I’m somehow in the middle of it, and if there will be a need for doctors, so do I me,” says she.

In the interview, the dragons she is a parallel between the dreaded covid-19 and ‘the Spanish flu’, which devastated, especially in Europe for a good hundred years ago.

Not directly with respect to the number of victims but with regard to the pandemic’s severity and prevent infection.

“the Situation now is similar to the one they had at the time. I really hope that everyone takes this stuff very seriously and are at home in the period, it is necessary. This is a serious situation, but we will get through it. It will last some weeks but not the whole life. So keep the courage up. ‘Stay strong and stay home’,” reads the invitation from the Norwegian doctor.