Weird In a number of places in the country, reports of police officers within the target of the miscreants, who make them aware you in the face, coughing, or spitting up.

As it was Saturday night, a 45-year-old man is in Almelo, the netherlands picked up, but ” to hell with corona continued to yell and officer bespuugde.

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the Agents went to the rest of the night off, a message from a desperate man on the left. On the spot, and managed not to get the man in talk,he also refused to identify themselves. Then they would including, if he’s out of the blue, an agent. He didn’t hit me, but the agent was quite geschrokken.De the 45-year-old man uitBornebleek his might to be earlier in the evening he had been someone else, under threat, and a pane of glass shattered.


from the regioZeeland and to the West of Brabantkwamen recently, several reports that agents are aware of the face that were coughing by the defendants who claimed that they can the corona of.Chief of police Hannah Ekelmans, of such police force, said last Friday on Twitter, the shame of it, because most of her colleagues are now in tension, or the virus is contracted.

Test to be the defendants, not that I can see. But my colleagues are the same. Angry – to be exact, to be furious – I am”, she responded.


‘Coronahoesten, ” seems to be gaining in popularity with our neighbors. This past Friday was een23-year-old mandie on purpose, two officers in the face, coughed and said that he’s with a corona and wished to spread to a prison sentence of two and a half months in to his pants, which is two weeks ‘ probation. He was also convicted for the threat of severe ill-treatment.

as a man, in these days of heavy, charged that he, corona, and threatened, and that he had blééf continue to cough up, even when he was at the office, it was brought up. That, in fact, aid workers threatened, he was in the right all the way in.Hijging with a two and a half months a lot more than the Public Prosecutor’s office, which is five weeks (two conditional), was required. And this despite the fact that the public prosecutor’s office had already pointed out that ” the law of his teeth should get to see.


it has already been a men ‘ s-hertogenbosch arrested, who is a policeman, had bespuugd and it was he and corona had been. The guy was out of line in front of a coffee shop Meetpoint in the city to be removed, because he’s provocative, coughed, and, to the people shouted: “I have the corona!’

from A automobiliste in Gouda, the netherlands, and threatened last week, agents have to be inflicted with the corona, for example, a breathalyzer or a speeding ticket get out of it. The woman was proestend out of the car and when the police asked her at her elbow with a cough, she went on as usual. It is unclear whether they will be prosecuted by law.

A woman from the area who is a cop in the face, spat, and said that she is the corona, which has last week sentenced to four weeks ‘ imprisonment, of which two are on probation. The 48-year-old lady, had been for two days and a lot of drinks in the bar. She does not show any symptoms of the virus, and it has not been tested. The consequences for the affected, the Dutch agent, still great: she’s since been in isolation, which makes them unable to work and her family can’t see it.

Petrol station

Not only to agents, and also to the staff of petrol stations has to deal with it. “And when our co-worker, a customer asked for the cash, first, to disinfect it, if he’s in the beschermluik”, says an attendant of the Shell gas station in Vlissingen, you know.” “This is a grown fellow, of about forty-five.”