An invitation to a coronafest the past few days spread on facebook.

the Police don’t know yet if it is a real event, like the police immediately do not know the people behind the party.

the Party is starting on Friday. 17 of the Monks Mose in Odense, and here is the police ready.

It informs vicepolitiinspektør Stone Sørensen from The Police to the B. T.

“We have kept an eye on it, and today are present out there in the Monks Bog,” he says.

How did I specifically kept an eye on it, when it’s been happening on social media?

“we do It in some specific ways, which I shall not reveal,” reads the answer from the vicepolitiinspektøren.

With the government’s forsamlingsforbud must not more than ten persons are grouped together – unless there is a demonstration or other political activity.

Probably for the same reason that the organizers of the party with the small print written at the bottom of the invitation:

‘With the ‘coronafest’ believed ‘political demonstration against the government’s climate – and coronapolitik’.’

What do you do if the encounter a lot of people up, which keeps the celebration, but says that it is a demonstration, then they must, of course, like?

“It takes when the time comes. It is, as with all other demonstrations. We are looking at it, and then we assess.”

the Bell 17.42 are no persons met in the Monks Bog, illuminating the Stone Sørensen.

“There has not come a eye. None whatsoever.”

B. T. follows the case.