In Spain are over 4000 died of Covid-19. Nursing home residents fill in the statistics.

Nearly a third of those who have died as a result of coronavirus in Spain, are elderly residents in nursing homes.

It joins the Spanish radio station Cadena Ser, which has had its local radio stations to collect data on the deaths in Spain.

In Spain has a total of 4115 persons lost their lives as a result of the coronavirus, the latest figures available from the Johns Hopkins University.

Of the victims were 1307 people in nursing homes, shows the inventory from the Cadena Ser.

Nursing homes, where elderly residents are particularly vulnerable to coronavirusset, have been particularly hard hit in Spain.

Alone in the region where the capital city of Madrid is located, has 855 persons in nursing homes have lost their lives since the infectious coronavirus broke out in Spain.

The Spanish government reports that it continues to collect data from all the country’s regions. Therefore, the government can still not confirm the radio station’s inventory.

Nor does the Madrid region have yet official information about persons in the region who have died as a result of the corona virus.

earlier this week came the announcement in Spain, that many nursing homes had been hit hard, and to the staff at the plejehjemmene in the country suddenly ended up in the front line in the fight against coronavirusset.

the Hospitals in Spain are already hard hit by the virusudbruddet. Therefore plejehjemmene been asked to take care of their ill residents – even those who are hard hit by the Covid-19.

Several representatives of the care of older people has, however, indicated that plejehjemmene greatly lacking in equipment for the work. Including respirators and equipment to test for the coronavirus.

In some nursing homes, there have also been reports that the staff has had to rationere mundbind or make their own masks out of fabric.

All nursing homes in Spain are shut down for the visit, which in total, about 400,000 older residents do not get visits from their relatives.