New York on Monday and rounded to 10,000 deaths related to coronaudbruddet. But the worst is over, says Cuomo.

The latest figures from New York show a decrease in the number of coronadødsfald and admissions of coronapatienter at the state hospitals.

It shall notify the governor Andrew Cuomo Monday at a news conference.

New York is to control the spread of infection, says the governor in his daily press briefing.

– I think that one can say that the worst is over, says Cuomo.

Sunday was registered 671 coronadødsfald in the land at 758 the day before.

– the Figure is almost flat, but it is at a terrible level of pain, grief and sorrow, says Cuomo, according to the news agency dpa.

Thus New York, which is AMERICA’s worst hit state, rounded to 10,000 coronadødsfald in total. That is almost half of the slightly over 22,000 deaths, as the infection has required in the entire UNITED states.

on Sunday there were about 2000 new admissions to the state hospitals. This is a decrease compared to the approximately 2500 admissions the day before.

Cuomo says he is working on a plan to gradually reopen the economy.

– I believe that we can now be embarking on the road towards normality, he says.

He adds, that it is something he will talk with the governors in nabodelstaterne on.

A re-opening will be gradual and may begin with, to make a new assessment of the employees who can not be dispensed with. But it also requires more testing.

– It is not the case that we switch on a contact, and then all come out of their houses, jumps into the car, waving and hugs all, and so will the economy restart, says Cuomo.

– We must do it carefully, slowly and intelligently.

He calls on the people of New York to follow the guidelines, which still apply, inter alia, to keep the distance.

Only “two or three days with frivolous behavior” may provide a setback for all the efforts against the epidemic, says the governor, according to the AFP news agency.