Machelen, They have to wear gloves and a protective mask, but to stop the work, think, Marc, Vanhaelen (58), and Michel Declercq (51) in the coronacrisis not. Every day they produce approximately 85 meals – 20% more than in the period prior to the corona virus, from the Social Home in Machelen and Diegem in the house. “People are obviously afraid of”, what it sounds like.

“The seniors also need to be able to eat it, huh,” laughs Marc, Vanhaelen. He has been driving for ten years with the so-called ” Eetmobiel of the home services of the Social Home of Jette. “Normally, we spend every day around 65 for meals at home, but in the case of the corona virus, that there is an average of 85 per day. Several senior citizens in the afternoon, namely food, into the Macro, or in a restaurant, but it is possible that the coronacrisis is temporarily impossible. This has increased the demand for at-home meals for the past couple of days is substantial.”
Yourself do not be afraid,

To prevent the spread of the corona virus, to prevent it, wear it, Marc and Michel, these days, wear gloves and a protective mask. In the car, they also have a hand gel so your hands often, disinfect. “I am not afraid of getting sick, but it is the customer that counts,” says Marc. “Normally, we give the customers a hug, and when we have meals out, but take them to a safe distance where we stand. (laughs) so, In normal times, we are helping people to the extract of the maaltijddoos, but for now, we put the box just inside and to the empty of the mind. Have a chat, we can still save it, if that is what is weird, with a protective mask.”