Showbiz, Just like Hooverphonic and a lot of other artists, and also shared with Steve every Tuesday 48-year-old is in the fold. Because of the corona virus, all of his appearances until the end of may is cancelled. And with the release of his new album, ” Pearls and duets, had to be postponed. That is, all of them will have a serious financial impact, if known, the singer in the Family. “It’s not hundreds, but tens of thousands of dollars of loss,” said Steve in a weekly magazine. “It’s just tragic. In the coming months, I will not pay to have it.”

“The feline corona virus shows are seriously feeling it.Fortunately, not physically, but the virus keeps me in a choke-hold,” Steve says, in the Family. “The financial damage is not to be overlooked. And that’s not the only one…I would be on my album ‘Pearls and duets of the’ normal, having regard to last week’s proposals, but that the release postponed to a date yet to be determined. On this record, I have about one and a half years. I have € 35,000 out of my own pocket and invest in it. I was thinking that a setup that would get my record out, it would have been. Through cd sales, iTunes, and so on, but yeah, That’s the party going so it won’t be all the time.”

does this Mean to currently have a zero income for you?

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Anything, yes. I’ve got a serious knock from a hammer got me. This is truly a tragedy! I have also had the catering and so, with that press release on my new album. Great food, lots of bottles of bubbly. All of them flung the money. There was singing, too many of my colleagues on that album. As This is a sight to behold, Filip D Haeze, and according to Jo Vally. It would have to be present at the press conference, but I have seen them one by one to afbellen.

the Other performers are also, of course, will be affected by the consequences of the same name.

Yea, that’s true. I hope, therefore, that the corona virus quickly, and the country is in. And that is in my album as soon as possible and can come true. I am lucky to have two great shows on my calendar in the fall.

How do you save you in the meantime, the financial?

Yes, I am now required at the expense of a woman’s life. She works in the health care sector. However, my kids have to eat, right… Well, I hope this summer to be action. That is, for the Flemish artists of the time of year, right? However, if that is lost… For we know not how long the coronovirus in the us, it will still be family, right?