Free time is a Photographer Noortje Palmers, and a freelancer, Jasper, He joined forces to launch the hashtag #coronacreation on Instagram. It’s purpose is? Let your inner creative out let you now that we’re all binnenzitten. These tips can help get you on your way. Color outside the lines with a bullet journal –

is The bullet journal, a notebook with the dots, instead of the lijntjespapier, have been for a while popular. You use it to plan or to write down what you remember. But did you know that you have to get good at drawing? Don’t worry, this is not the end of it Rubensgewijs quite a work of art out of it. See, it’s more of a page is given a free hand. Just a bunch of signs, words, and washi tape to paste it without having to think, to work cleaning.We have Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, pray, love’, thank you for this tip. “Creativity is a drug,” she writes on Instagram. “As a kid we signed, when we are afraid or just to relax. When it worked, so now it’s going to work. Put something in my journal, creërenheeft have the same effect for me as a kalmeerpil. It is belangrijkkunst to do for no apparent reason, so I have a journal full of doodles and poems.”

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Coloring book for adults

Like Elizabeth Gilbert had just said, as a child, did you have to be relaxed, so now it’s going to work. Colors: Coloring books aren’t just for kids. This is proved by all the ‘grown-ups’ coloring book, which is on the market. Instead of Anna and Elsa from Frozen, and color your mandala or a beautiful illustrated animals. The effect is the same, you’re only a few years older.