they meant only good …

Nevertheless, it was not really exemplary of what the Duke and Duchess held there.

William (37) and Kate (38) visited on Friday, a health centre of British National Health Service, NHS. The high Visit, she shared on Instagram.

The first idea is that a good thing. Finally, the English people can use in times of crisis, any kind of encouragement and hope that only too well. In particular, that the Cambridge would like to thank Some of the staff and operators of the call center for their use, is initially sympathetic.

The Duke, few wanted to in the name of the Royal Highness, the auxiliary staff to Express your thanks photo: Handout / In the case of the NHS facility it is a call center for the needy photo: Handout /

At closer Inspection, it becomes clear, however, that William and Kate will make a lot of things wrong.

The most obvious: Why the need for a public visit to go out? In her Instagram Post, the Cambridge advise everyone to stay home – just to be themselves in front of the door.