Mario Gattiker: no, that would not solve problems, but create new ones. It is the uncontrolled Migration would afford to feed. The cantons would then have jurisdiction in an irregular manner in the Switzerland. Even if the back-search management of asylum seekers is currently difficult, we have to run the asylum procedure. So we have Maximum control and be able to work well with the cantons.

now We must all remain calm. Just in the crisis of the rule of law must function. Clear, however, is: The health of asylum seekers, our employees and all other persons in the asylum procedure is an absolute priority. Therefore, we put the interviews of the asylum seekers for about a week.

We comply with all recommendations of the Federal office for health. But there are Fears among the Stakeholders that we take seriously. Therefore, we equip the interrogation rooms with plexiglass blades, to protect you even better. When these adjustments are completed, we take the hearings again.

There is a time after Corona. Then we want to be is not applications in front of a huge mountain of unfinished Asylum. And we need to ensure that the utilisation of the asylum centres is increasing so strongly that we would not be able to comply with the recommendations of the BAG for protection against the Coronavirus. We need the Federal asylum centres in every available space, so it must continue to give also exits. Therefore, we must carry out the asylum procedure and the cantons asylum-seekers assign, in which a decision has been made, or where an advanced procedure is necessary. Who is threatened life and limb, to continue to get quickly to our protection.

Again: It is Central that all of the rule of law can rely on in a crisis is all the more important! That is why we make the decisions, even negative Asylum, in spite of difficult repayments. This also corresponds to the attitude of the cantons. Only when we have departures from the Federal asylum centres, we can implement the Corona-measures.

Not only. We also check the interview situation. Currently, five people are sitting in the room, if asylum-seekers reasons to your Asylum, the asylum seeker, the interpreter, the Secretary, the legal representative and the interviewer be asked. When, for example, or one of them is the conversation from another room can follow, more we will reduce the risk of infection.

With emergency legislation is much possible, when it comes to the protection of health. We have to consider councillor Karin Keller-Sutter of the order, as we can reduce the number of parties Involved in the hearings. In addition, we check whether we have deadlines to leave the country for rejected asylum seekers could extend. In addition, we have taken measures in the Federal asylum centres.

We pay attention to the compliance with the “Social Distancing”rules and distribute the asylum seekers to more rooms. The Hygiene and behavior rules of the BAG have been translated into 15 languages, and the asylum seekers are distributed. Our employees ensure that they are complied with. And before asylum-seekers are assigned at the end of a Canton, there are additional health tests.

no, not systematically. According to the BAG, Tests only make sense, if suspected symptoms are present. Otherwise, Corona will be made Tests only on priority groups. For example, in the case of the employees of the hospitals.

We currently have less than ten people with a positive Corona-Test – asylum-seekers and employees. The Situation has become challenging, especially because the pandemic in Switzerland continues to spread.

We separate suspected cases consistently. In addition, we will set up an asylum centre for at-risk groups. In this older persons and those with pre-existing conditions should be protected from infection. We also want to provide additional accommodation places for asylum seekers. Today 4500 to 5000 places available to us. Of these, about 2400 seats are currently being occupied.

Mister asylum

The four-time father of a family, Mario Gattiker (63) is a lawyer. He was for the aid organization Caritas. In the Federal office for Migration (FOM), the present state Secretariat for Migration (SEM), he headed from 2005, the Directorate of labour, Integration and civil rights. On 1. In January 2012, he was the BFM-Director, since 1. January 2015, he is the Secretary of state in the SEM.

For the case that the pandemic spreads further and we have more cases suspicion and more diseased people. It is a question of emergency planning. In the eye, we also have military objects.

Today she runs well. Although the army needed accommodations through the activation of 8000 soldiers themselves, we work together very well. We need these emergency places. And the military is also ready to support us in case of need.

As in the total population and the employees is increasing also in the asylum is the uncertainty. It now needs a lot of conversations and good Information.

The migration pressure has actually decreased greatly. Before the crisis we had was in our Federal asylum centres a day about 30 entries, which is already very low. Now, there are still 15 tickets on the day.

Then it looks. Of course you can change the situation quickly. But currently, the Turkish authorities are in control of the waters in the Aegean sea, resulting in a much less migrants arrive at the Greek Islands. And many people were stranded on the Turkish-Greek border, have been carried out by the Turkish authorities. It should still be 1000 migrants at the border. This also has to do with the Corona-measures of the Turkey.

There was a conference between Turkey, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Details of the talks are not known to me. We can only conclude that the Situation in the last few days has calmed down.

Also, my work has shifted to the home office. We now communicate mainly through Skype. As for all the others for me: whenever possible, stay at home, and otherwise consistent distance true.


The Coronavirus currently holds the world in suspense. Many countries are taking measures such as Closing schools or limiting public events, to prevent the spread. In Switzerland, too, the grass, the Virus magnetized. All of the current information and Figures around the topic there is in the Coronavirus-Ticker.