Almost three.

it All began with a uncomfortable. First of all, I was hoping it was a flu. As it was for me, even worse, advised me to my doctor for the Test. And then the words: Corona-positive. A few minutes later, the ambulance stood in front of my door. Me thoughts went through my head: I hope it is not too bad. One thinks of the shortness of breath, the man heard, and, of course, to the death. I live in Lugano and Locarno hospital-La Carità, in my festival city and was there, where I would actually never want to be admitted to the hospital.

Yes. This is a incision.

I see the Doctors, including our festival doctor, Michael Llamas. He is always beside me under the canvas on the Piazza, if one of our celebrity guests should anything happen. A familiar, dear face. To me it gave some relief. Then you lie in bed, it’s getting worse and worse. The bones and the body become one with the bed so hard in the feels. You can see to the right and left beds with patients. You are intubated, people may die.

(Solari and struggles for words) on the one Hand, one is grateful that the Doctors and nurses take care of so well to. At the same time it has to be registered every gesture and every word that is spoken in the intensive care unit. The discussion of whether I should be intubated or not. At the same time, you lose the sense of time.

of Course. To me, a poem by Fontane went through my head: “Always closer, quietly, quietly, the circles of Life draw. The way fades, what brags and flaunts. Dwindling hope, to hate, to love, And nothing remained in sight as the last dark point.” In the ambulance I thought of my wife, Michaela, to my sons, my grandchildren, related to your grandfather, to the Festival and what I should have had everything in order. In the ICU you can go. Suddenly everything that was previously important, family, friends, Festival, literature days on Monte Verità, all what you have done, or not, has is – it is no longer important. There is the phrase in Shakespeare: “I forgive all of you, and I ask all for forgiveness.” People die next to me, and I’m in the midst of this community. I feel no fear of death. Only a tremendous inner peace.

at some point you realized: The sickle has not met me, but I’ve heard her hiss. Suddenly you Wake up and think: get out, get out of this room! Then you come in a room in the hospital and it feels like you are in Paradise! The sky is so blue and the garden so green, and at night looking at the stars.

There is a delay, I get paid. The word finite is not an empty term.

Everything is more intense. Our sense of time is, of course, from the measured time and experienced time. This time I don’t want to give away now, but every Minute more experience. I don’t know that I have to use my remaining time well – but in the selfish sense! It is not about to open a better bottle of wine. It comes to give something back. The meaning of life is to Give, not Take. However, there is still something.

I feel tremendous sympathy for all those who didn’t make it. And an enormous gratitude for the nursing staff and the Doctors. In La Carità very many cross-border commuters from the nearby Italy. I have seen these young people, from the nurses to the cleaning staff. They laughed, each other established and even sometimes sung. When I heard last singing people?! These people bring back the life in the hospital room. The other sensation is not, perhaps, be explained in a rational.

It is almost a feeling of guilt: I’ve done it – but the woman who was to the left of me, not. It has members, as well as the man who was right next to me. This feeling of guilt I have as a public Person. If I have the obituaries to look at and imagine what the members think He has succeeded and my mother, grandmother, or my father, grandfather. Why? The joy to be alive again, is not entirely unclouded.

We are fortunate that we are a Canton, a part of this country. What connects us since 1803, is the common political culture. Our relationship was and is always made up of many equilibria. If a balance is disturbed, there is immediately the correction. We now need to think but also to our neighbors. Italy suffers unspeakably. In my opinion, it needs an act of solidarity, as we have proved it with France, by incorporating patients from Alsace in Swiss hospitals.

Italy is heading for a disaster. Economically and socially. If Switzerland is now not heart and head, then an enormous political opportunity is not wasted.

Ticino Jack of all trades

(76) was Ticino’s tourism Director, a delegate of the Federal Council for the 700-year Celebration of the Confederation, and from 1997 to 2004, Deputy CEO of Ringier. Since 2000, Solari President of the film festival of Locarno.

I’m not a politician. I only see the value that each gesture in the Italian Public now. But there is probably a need on the part of Switzerland is more than just a Symbol. I have confidence in our Federal Council. I’m surprised at how snooty the Nordic countries of the EU treat Italy and Spain. If you continue to make stereotypes of the lazy southern Europeans, strain the idea of Europe in a dangerous way.

The captain on the ship. Point. How and whether the Festival will take place this year, but this depends on various factors – the General situation, the official decrees, the financial opportunities thanks to sponsors and partners, the border closures, finally, our own Deadlines. Because we are not a motor boat, which can rapidly change the direction, but an ocean steamer. The Board of Directors and the artistic and operational Directorate work closely together. But we feel, as we are running out of time.

I see no reason for large Changes to the timetable, at least not in this crisis situation. At the same time is always aware of: A worthy finish is just as important as a powerful beginning.