Now taking DBU consequence of the outbreak of the coronavirus, and it goes out across several employees.

Coronakrisen can be felt in the Dansk Boldspil-Union (DBU), which on Monday announces that the is fired 30 employees in EM-the secretariat, while over 70 employees in the union will be sent home.

With the postponement of the european championship in 2020 to the summer of 2021, there is no need for the same staffing for the next many months, explains DBU.

Why were 30 employees in the EURO 2020 secretariat in the last week terminated as a consequence of the decision that was taken by The union of European Football associations (Uefa).

the Majority of them were employed directly by Uefa, and all have got the message that they can potentially be recruited again at a later time.

It tells Lene Kryger, director of Euro 2020 in Copenhagen, and she is betting that Denmark will host the european championships in the summer of 2021.

– We have built up a large staff to stand for the four matches in Euro 2020. With the postponement of the whole thing in a year, there is no need for all, and it is natural, therefore, that we must reduce staffing significantly.

– We hope that we shall be EM-hosts next year – and that we then get the opportunity to put the same strong hold again, she says to the union’s website.

There are just ten employees back in Euro 2020-the secretariat. They need to make sure the work to find out whether Copenhagen should be EM-host in June 2021.

– This decision is expected to clarify in the course of the spring, information.

The over 70 repatriated in the DBU includes administrative employees and middle management as well as landsholdskoordinatorer and landstrænere for a number of national youth teams.

DBU-management decided 12. march to “shut down the Danish football down” and suspend all matches – both in width and in the best fodboldrækker.

at the same time matches for both the men’s team, women’s team and all national youth teams cancelled in march and april.

The many cancellations lead to economic losses in the DBU, says Jakob Jensen, who is the managing director.

– Denmark is facing a historic crisis that affects both the health status, but also the economy of most businesses and organizations.

– It also applies in DBU, where we lose the revenue from international matches, courses and other sources of income, he says.