Scary. Unreal. ‘An unprecedented threat to health’ as well as ‘a dangerous guest’. The latter formulated by the Danish queen, who contributed with a raised index finger.

Corona-the epidemic has triggered historic scenes in the european royal families, where several monarchs extraordinary the past week has delivered speeches to their nations in order to make clear the seriousness of the crisis.

For it is not very often that you see this kind of thing. In fact, it is relatively rare in most royal families, the monarchs hold televised speeches in addition to nytårstaler.

But when it happens, it has historically proven to be very powerful.

It explains the historian and kongehusekspert Lars Hovbakke Sørensen:

“It’s something special, when the monarch, for once, goes out and says something. For the sole reason that it does not happen very often. The head of state has a different and higher status than a head of government, and therefore people will listen even more,” he says

The royale talerække started on Sunday 15. march with the Norwegian king.

The 83-year-old king as at once serious and sad out, as he on the screen read his speech up.

“We find ourselves in a situation in which both are unreal, foreign, and scary for us. WE can neither recognize everyday life or the world around us,” said among other things from the king, who also added that ‘the seriousness makes us afraid’.

on Monday it was the belgian king Phillippes turn to speak to his people.

“Our country is facing an unprecedented health threat on a global level,” said the 57-year-old king, according to The Brussels Times.

It was the second time that king Philippe held an extraordinary speech in the almost seven years he has been the regent. The first time was in 2016, when Belgium was exposed to a terrorist attack.

on Tuesday, it was then Denmark’s turn, when queen Margrethe appeared on the screen, an hour after prime minister Mette Frederiksen had introduced additional measures to get coronavirussen to life.

Queen Margrethe repeated large parts of the prime minister’s alvorsord.

But the 79-year-old monarch also had its very own rallying cry, especially for younger citizens.

“My call, of course, applies not only to the young. You can still see groups of all ages, who are staying too close together. Some keeps even still parties and round birthdays. I think not, you may be familiar. It is thoughtlessly. And it is, first and foremost, ruthlessly,” he wrote.

the Speech was queen Margrethe’s first televised speech in addition to the annual nytårstaler.

Talerækken stopped, however, not there. For Wednesday, it was the Swedish king Carl Gustaf, which hit the Swedish tv-screens.

the King spoke at an extraordinary statsrådsmøde, where he and among other things the prime minister was present.

“Coronavirussen has brought our country in a strained situation. Many people are worried: For their health, for their families, for their livelihood,” said the king.

in Addition to the mention has, among other things, the Luxembourg grand duke Henri, as well as the Spanish king Felipe kept talking.

The Spanish king’s speech was his first extraordinary television address since the unrest in Catalonia in 2017.

According to Lars Hovbakke Sørensen is the historical, to the Danish queen have chosen to speak to the danes in the midst of crisis.

“It is absolutely exceptional,” he says.