In the Corona-crisis there is a lack of protective masks, drugs, and probably soon also on intensive care beds. The hospitals are slowly, but surely, at the stop. No wonder, the Confederation, the cantons and the army have missed it simply, it is a pandemic and prepare for it, you would have known better.

in 2004, the Federal government has tabled a pandemic plan, the necessary measures lists, to be able to of an epidemic to withstand. So, it would have been to the cantons to ensure sufficient capacity and Material in hospitals.

Switzerland now has to carry the can for the failings of

little is Happening. A report compiled by Thomas Zeltner (72), commissioned by the defense Department shows. “According to you is now in front of tough realities,” he says. And he should know. At least he was, until 2009 yourself-in-chief of the Federal office for health (BAG).

The 38-page report is available to the Federal government since December 2018. Has released it to the Federal Council, but it was only last January – secretly, quietly. As the Public should get in the incipient Corona-crisis, no Wind from the failures.

No reserves, and Duplications

The failures are many and varied and in many places, such as a
Overview shows.

According to the report, had failed 2018 to cope with an epidemic 4250 hospital beds . To date, the cantons have not included these reserves in their planning. Rather, they directed their focus on beds, to dismantle, so as not to run ever-increasing health care costs even more out of control. At the same time, you missed it, the claim of the Federal government to a minimum to comply with the Reserve medications, medical products, and laboratory materials .Not better, it looks at the civil defence . He has 94 protected hospitals. Most of them are out of date. Also: There are hardly any civil-guards, which can operate the hospitals. This is because the ambulance was removed from service in the civil protection in 2004, without compensation. He had to be re-introduced, cited the “Echo der Zeit” of Swiss Radio SRF Benno Bühlmann from the Swiss Federal office for population protection. In Parliament he found, however, no hearing.The Situation is similar at the army is desolate . This once had nine military hospitals for the case of a crisis. Five of them are sold. Three more are ready. The underground military hospital remains in Einsiedeln. But The Army leaders considered it for use in a pandemic as not suitable.And that’s not always everything. By 2015, the Federal office for civil protection warned in a Dossier in front of it that Switzerland is prepared for a pandemic bad. At the same time, authority be placed in the much too complicated to be able to quickly to a spreading pandemic react: the Federal office of public health, the Federal bar, protection of the population, the Medical coordination Committee, the coordination body epidemic law or the Coordinated medical service. Zeltner: Lessons from the crisis

friction drag must be programmed, also reported by the “observer”. It was based on a 2018 published report, the inconsistencies and weaknesses between the participating bodies showing. Duplication of work will be criticized and possible conflicts of jurisdiction, which can limit the capacity of the Federal government. Here, too, a long time action was recognized need.

be Still, drag from the Corona-crisis-new findings, says Ex-BAG-in-chief Zeltner. “The real lesson is that you should keep to the recommendations of the pandemic plan would have.” But he also has praise to the authorities: “The Federal Council and the FOPH to respond so far, calmly and professionally to the crisis – particularly in view of the difficult situation.”