While coronavirussen get the danes to seek out the country in their homes, goes to the wealthiest americans under the earth, quite literally.

Since coronavirussen really started its first appearance among AMERICA’s 330 million inhabitants, is the interest in luxurious overlevelsesbunkere exploded.

“the Number of new contracts has more than doubled. People will in safety. And I can’t blame them.”

so says a representative of one of AMERICA’s largest bunker-real estate Atlas Survival Shelters to newspaper The Wall Street Journal.

IN the UNITED states has the interest of the private shelters has been great, ever since the cold war in the 1950s.

But according to the company Rising S Company, which has its headquarters in the state of Texas, there is a vast difference in the koldkrigens private shelters, which often looked like small underground prison cell, to today’s luksuskomplekser, which can cost up to 100 million dollars.

“Our goal is that you should not feel confined in any way. Therefore, we have sunlight and beautiful views in every room,” says Mike Peters, who for more than twenty years has designed and built overlevelseskomplekser for the company Ultimate Bunker – for AMERICA’s very richest.

‘the Sunlight’ is of course just a giant light panels and ‘prospects’ are photographs in the highest resolution. And according to several of AMERICA’s largest providers of so-called ‘dommedagsslotte’ it is not just the sale that is passed up. Many of the owners are finally starting to use the bunkers, which they either bought during the financial crisis in 2008, in connection with the Mayan’day of judgment’ in 2012, or maybe right back at the turn of the millennium, when many americans feared a digital doomsday.

“as late as last month said my wife and I to each other. ‘What fa’s we built the bunker. It was a waste of money’. But then started the toilet paper to fly down from the shelves and coronavirussen were everywhere.”

How to tell the 42-year-old businessman Joe in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

And today, ashamed he and his wife Linda not over, that they moved the family with three small sons from the ground floor in their forstadshjem in California to undergrundsbunkeren, costing them tens of millions of dollars.

Like many other of the country’s rich ‘doomsday preppers’ will bunker-the couple Joe and Linda did not disclose their last names. According to the newspaper, are they nervous, that people should go to them and punish them for their privileges.

And the UNITED states’s luxurious undergrundsslotte exist not only in California.

Many of the koldkrigens nuclear-silos, which, because of disarmament was deserted, has today been updated, renovated and decorated to luxurious undergrundskomplekser, who would get the most to block his eyes.

Thousands of these secret and luxurious beskyttelseslejligheder is so tucked well out of the way in states such as Nebraska, Kansas and South Dakota. And if you did not know it, one would never imagine the luxury of hiding under anonymous fields and mountain scenery.

from the Outside is many undergrundsbunkere: the good stored out of the way. Some resemble most of all, small garden sheds cast in concrete. While other luxury complexes that count up to 500 buried condos, hiding in the countryside behind the camouflagefarvede metal doors.

No one knows with certainty how many of these undergrundspalæer found in the UNITED states. But according to the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft leader Bill Gates one of its kind on all of its properties spread across the globe.

Outside, in the common UNITED states – spreads coronavirussen quickly, while the allerigeste with key to the underground hiding.

nationwide is barely 65,000 residents infected. 27,000 of these live in the state of New York, who is now a UNITED states’so-called ‘hot spot’.

Other ‘hot spots’ are Washington State, New Orleans and San Francisco.

Wednesday is expected the u.s. senate to adopt a gigantic nødpakke to a value of 2,000 billion u.s. dollars. This stimulus package has temporarily given aktiermarkederne across the globe a nyk up. Even if the package the page must be re-adopted in congress’s other chamber, the House of Representatives and then sent to The White House, where president Donald Trump is expected to sign and thereby to make the package law.