The Corona of the crisis in our lives, our emotions with full force-Packed. But the Virus evokes in many people is also the Best – compassion, caring and love . Therefore, we have not only the hope, but we are sure that Together we will survive this crisis. the humanity will prevail.

Germany’s bewegendster Corona Song: “Victoriam” – Listen, we support the good cause

We do not leave anyone alone. With the Song “Victoriam” supports the action of #corona care boards in Germany.

Now “Victoriam” to download

“Victoriam” #corona care the panels, and thus thousands of needy people in Germany . Because now, of all times, since many people are suffering economic Hardship because of their job loss, the boards of massive problems. Many of the older volunteers belong to the risk group. Foods are broken into donations.

Please help! With the Download, you help needy people in Germany, with the most Necessary supplies. We do not leave anyone alone! Download the song “Victoriam” is now here!

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“Victoriam” download is the first Single from the Album, SINFOGLESIA , and the first music release from the house of Burda forward. A work of the Cologne-based composer and producer Christoph Siemons (more than 10 million records sold), lavishly produced with a classical orchestra and choir. More than 100 fantastic musicians and singers have played these recordings and recorded.

Download the song “Victoriam” is now here! SINFOGLESIA