Halle/Magdeburg – Less customers, hardly any turnover, increasing risk of Infection. Taxi is a real risk of a Job is to go into Corona times. But the Taxi-driver with smart ideas, and hang in there-will every day behind the Wheel …

anyone Who is increasing these days to Cordelia Egeling (51) into the Taxi, the driver for this week, by a disc. “She protects me and my passengers,” says the maid, she driving for 28 years Taxi.

The idea with the Plexiglas disc is from their colleagues, Andre Predel (52): “This 20-Euro investment is a simple but effective protection. The passengers appreciate that.“

Cordelia Egeling (51) of the protection also. The money the passengers from the rear under the wheel photo: Peter Gercke

Nevertheless, it will always be less. Thomas Henschel, chief of the Magdeburg taxi Federation and a driver is aware of the problems of the 124 Mietchauffeure in the country’s capital: “At the train station guests will hardly come. Per layer, the colleagues, earn 30, 40 Euro – the cost covers a part of the wage. 70 percent of sales are broken away.“

The taxi driver turned with a cry for help to the state government. Henschel prophesied: “Otherwise, after Corona no Taxis anymore.”