Lord, let brain rain down …

The conservative preacher Perry Stone from the US state of Tennessee has in his world, the reasons for the in the United States increasingly rampant Coronavirus found. During one service he declared the present to know where the Virus comes really.

In the past week the preacher told his followers in a Church in Cleveland, the Corona of a pandemic, when the world’s already tens of thousands have died and several hundred thousand have been infected, is a “settlement” of God for marriage equality and the permission to have an abortion in the United States.

Punlik the speech was due to a Video “published by Right Wing Watch”. The organization monitors the activities and Rhetoric of right-wing activists and organizations, to cover these on a regular basis.

“That’s not what I invented, Yes …”

In the Video stated by the American preachers, in all Seriousness: “If this is a Moment of reckoning and I know that it is so … I know what I’ve heard, that’s not what I invented. I heard the sentence clearly, a male voice spoke to me, and I think it was the Holy spirit who asked: Why is there a settlement?‘“

And then explained: “Because we have expelled God, the law of our country, and he basically said ,In public places you’re not welcome. You’re in our schools are not welcome!‘“ because in the United States since the schools are closed.

Stone rages on, now that “no prayers, and no Bible read,” would no longer take place in schools and declared: “Now you want to tell the children yet, they should stay home, who knows how long before our schools close completely?”

in the US, the schools were closed to slow down the infection with the Coronavirus to other, at least, conceal it.