A man from 29 to last Friday, tried to his dying father to take it out of the hospital Saint-Luc in Brussels, the belgian town of Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe / Woluwe saint etienne. The father, a man in his fifties, had been infected with the corona virus.

as The son of Ahmet, T. it can be extremely difficult and that he was his father for a short time only was allowed to see it. According to what we heard, he was in the days before time dropped and he had to be out by the staff, there always has to be pointed out that the visit is very short it might be, due to the risk of infection.

as of Friday, hit the stop by at the young man. He barricadeerde, suddenly, in the room of his father, and made it to the ventilator release. He was trying to the bed where his father lay, it would have to be abandoned.

The local police force of the zone was a Great was to arrive on the scene, but the man threatened the officers with a knife. There was a fight with the hospital destroyed, became; in the end, nine of the agents on the spot, but it was the police dog who was able to get the man’s capture. Since the facts are different agents in the home due to the injury. One agent might have a fever, and may be corona and occurring during the intervention. But there is no doubt that it is not.

The man in his twenties, was placed at the disposal of the public prosecutor in Brussels. That left him with voorleiden by the judge and placed the man under arrest warrant for illegal possession of firearms.