The parents of Caroline Loyens from the district of Harburg are in luck. Their daughter is currently at home, taking care of her two children (1 and 3 years). Because their parents vorerkrankt and old, is you currently for you to shop. At the Rewe in the town.

The Problem: There is toilet paper, flour, and milk, apparently, is still so scarce that the staff wanted to give to her, none of the products twice. “How are you supposed to shop for others?”, Caroline Loyens asks.

In various ways they tried to prove that she wants to buy for their parents, and the toilet paper does not hamsters. “I have had a WhatsApp from my mother,” she says. Because of love, mum am “” underneath.

Then she had been told that she should bring next Time, a Letter from your parents. But this is not recognised by the market then anyway. “Then they wanted a certificate from the municipality.” Such certificates but there are, in addition, the parish is closed due to Corona.

Due to Corona: No two packs of toilet paper

As Caroline Loyens was not sold toilet paper for their parents. Angry about her father called in the Rewe-Zentrale. But even there, the family received no answer to the question as you please for two households could shop for. “This is just not change,” was the reply.

Caroline Loyens: “I can to not have to constantly twice shopping.” One should currently go not with children shopping. “So I have to wait until my husband comes home from work.”

Finally, they went to seven shops until they got to their parents, even toilet paper. “And, although I kept it at Rewe already in your hands.”

Disgruntled customer at Rewe: I wanted to not hamsters

Actually, of all things, in this Rewe-market hang flyers in the neighborhood help with the invitation for others to buy.

In the case of Rewe, it is hoped, apparently, to the fact that the Problem with the time resolves by itself. Spokeswoman Ann-Christin Geers: “We have indications that the Situation in the foreseeable future.” Namely, when “in reasonable quantities” will bought.

Rewe-press office: Soon, no amount limit due to Corona more

Geers: “quantity limits for some products, keep up to date the great house, or the neighbourhood, helps create problems while shopping, we consider as a temporary phenomenon. They are, however, necessary to undesirable developments to counteract.“

A possibility, people some a higher need to be certified, don’t give it to currently. The non-functional especially in view of the current pressures of the market-employees, and the limited quantities in the markets. “Generally speaking, it is in the discretion of the market managers, how he or she deals with purchases that exceed a household quantity.”

Good idea, the power in advance but some of the work, Some of the Neighborhood initiatives have taken as a solution with the markets, arrangements, and pass on to their helpers certificates that are accepted in the participating markets.

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