For some, it is a real type, the other a crazed customer. But all are agreed: Dennis Erdmann (29), none of the watered-football-professionals. The Ex-Dynamo has now proven, again, impressive.

Like many other Kicker of the hard-hitting defender has posted a Video on Instagram in which he shows how he trains in his own four walls””. But in his own way: with beer bottles!

Has Erdmann about a Corona-Koller?

With a mullet wig, sunglasses, gold chain, baggy tracksuit and 1860, in Jersey (where he is currently under contract) go for it.

First stop: the Sprint! To do this, he runs across the room, dragging the beer bottle from the box in the fridge. Individually, of course.

the second Exercise – Slalom with a Ball, to empty Bottles – copes with Erdmann with playful elegance. And shines, finally, in the tactics-training with eleven bottles: “Today we play quite clear back four, with two sixes.”

finally, the defensive man notes: “as I train at home, that brings guaranteed success.”