London – In the British capital, the nerves are blank!

Despite the sharper output restrictions, many London on Tuesday were in your city on-the-go. The markets were full, the queues in the supermarkets, and discounters in length. In many places, food became scarce, which even led to brawls, such as in front of a vegetable shop in the city centre, where even the police had to step in.

And not only there was a “High Life” announced. Many London underground trains were crowded on Tuesday. In the compartments the passengers were pushed next to each other.

Not so great in pandemic times: a Packed U-Bahn. The image of a passenger shot and killed on Tuesday morning in the “Circle Line”photo: Action Press box fodder is scarce photo: TOBY MELVILLE / Reuters But the London is in London currently, even casual: A woman with a Queen mask reads, on the banks of the river Thames photo: HANNAH MCKAY / Reuters

A nurse reported that they go as a precaution, prefer 40 minutes walk to the subway to your clinic. She didn’t want to endanger yourself and the patient.