The outbreak of the Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 has taken the world’s population as “a Bang”. So it says in the new issue of the real estate reports of Wüest Partner. But: “In international comparison, the Swiss economy is in a good position to pass the viral stress test.” This also applies to the rental market.

However, The vacancy rates have recently risen further. In contrast, the number of newly built dwellings declined even before the outbreak of the Corona pandemic. The construction of new apartments could decrease according to the real estate consultancy company. This would compensate for the decline in additional demand for rental housing for the part. “Nevertheless, it is expected that with falling Rents”, the experts expect. The speech is here to rent, so apartments that are advertised on property portals for rent.

The higher the rent, the greater the correction

Who plans for the current year, a change of residence, can save. Less demand, lower Rents. “The development of the demand is likely to be disturbed in the current year sensitive”, say the realty experts of Wüest Partner.

Who is looking for an expensive rental apartment, benefit more from a reduction of the rent than in the low and medium Segment: “flats to rent in high price segment as well as Serviced Apartments, are expected to temporarily come under the greatest pressure.”

with regard to the residential property, Wüest Partner expects stable prices. “Residential property, enjoys in Switzerland a unbroken popularity, which is not likely to change with the Corona-crisis.” (uro)

As tenants in 2019, evaluate your administrations

Software-Account-Manager Marcel home (44) knows from personal experience how difficult the exchange of information with administrations for tenants. Because home knew that he was not an isolated incident, he founded the review platform Immo-Vote. There is a tenant of your management, you can give 1 to 5 stars and in comments rate. The is widely used. For VIEW home has compiled a evaluation with the best and worst of administrations.

rating (Maximum is 5, only taken into account with min. 20 reviews)