The Coronavirus is holding Germany in suspense. Schools were closed, output restrictions, adopt, and financial packages. North Rhine-Westphalia, is particularly hard hit by the Virus-crisis – here are infected to date, over 9,600 people with the pathogen. In the midst of NRW in the district of Heinsberg, one of the German Corona Hotspots is located. The district administrator Stephan Pusch has now expressed its view in an Interview with FOCUS Online on the current situation, but also to its appeal to China to support the district.

FOCUS Online : Mr. Pusch, as is the situation in the district of Heinsberg ?

Pusch : Currently, after the crisis staff meeting, we have 1108 infected people, 28 people are Dead and 344 people who were discharged as cured.

FOCUS Online Flattens the disease curve ?

Pusch : While the Numbers from Tuesday are increased on Wednesday by a further 52 individuals, but the rate of increase of the as cured Redundant is similar. In addition, the three hospitals reported to us in the circle, the number of new admissions and of Intensive Supervised stagnant for days – although at a high level, but slowly seems to calm down the Situation.

“China has banned fast support”

FOCUS Online is Now criticism to the different data location to the Virus infections. How do you assess the development ?

Pusch : In the district of Heinsberg, which is not a Problem. We look of course also on our horizon, like the others against the Virus-crisis approach. The circle gets, but every night of the district government the latest Figures, which were collected in the Cologne government district. If there are sometimes also differences to other surveys, is not so much weight. It is important that you can read in the data, whether the right measures have been taken. Far more important is to know what the clinics actually going on.

FOCUS Online In the past few weeks, you have Federal and state government to the public due to the lack of equipment with protective clothing criticized. How does it look currently ?

Pusch : in the Meantime, a little bit of replenishment has arrived. And after I had asked the Chinese President in a public letter for help to the shortage of supply in our Region to dissolve the us says the people’s Republic of China fast support. I am confident that we will get to the end of the week, times, several thousands of respiratory protection masks. What exactly, we must wait and see, but then we would then supplies for a few days sufficiently. Jonas Güttler/dpa

FOCUS Online to formulate How big the Need was to make this unusual request ?

Pusch : In the first weeks of the Federal government and the country may have underestimated, in my view, the crisis, therefore, I practiced again and again once more to the public criticism on crisis management in Berlin and Düsseldorf. Meanwhile, the leaders seem to have understood. Everywhere, efforts are made to obtain the appropriate protection material. Our relatively small hospitals, the patient’s care for 30 Virus, consume daily 1400 FFP2 masks, 3840 protective coat and 5200, the mouth-nose protection-essays. These are enormous amounts. And this demand has simply been underestimated.

“demand is enormous,”

FOCUS Online How difficult is the search on the world market ?

Pusch : The procurement represents a major challenge. The demand is high is understandably enormous. By now, everyone realizes how hard it is to get on the empty, cleanly swept the world market, masks, protective coat, or mouth-nose protection. I think, if German Chancellor Angela Merkel speaks with Chinese President Xi Jinping will exchange pleasantries only a couple of courtesy, but probably there is also the Problem, to generate new protective material. After all, China is one of the largest producers of such utensils.

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FOCUS Online : The sounds but with more hope than Confidence.

Pusch : What Confidence is? Almost daily, a small bar of my employees, the market is seeking for new sources to sift through. Because you have to stay close to the Ball, if not, this creates a massive Problem. Meanwhile, Wheeler, who is said to have an uncle in China and us masks want to sell log in. I get such dubious Mails.

“typical English”

FOCUS Online Now the mayor of düsseldorf hostage has criticised the tough course in crisis management in the Federal government and the country, and demanded, as soon as possible the public life to resume. What is your opinion on this?

Pusch : sounds like Trump light (laughs). All kidding aside, in this difficult Situation, what is needed most is patience. I myself am rather a impatient person and insist on quick results. But Corona teaches us patience. As one of the suffering pioneers of the Virus epidemic, we have learned since the outbreak in the heinsberger circle a month ago, the following: It will take some time to find out whether or not a measure is good and bad out. For less than a week until the contact is lock. A step is created at least for a month. the And after a few days, the first critic to begin to call for relaxations. This is typical German. To the best of our knowledge, is the first two to three weeks to see whether this course engages. Only then you should think of to ease the conditions under which the prohibition of Contact would be. Also the Wearing of protective masks in Public places would have to be in the coming months in Austria, as it is common in Asia.

FOCUS Online : when is Heinsberg back on the dam ?

Pusch : If I knew, I would probably get the Nobel prize in medicine. Cautious in forecasts, we expect that the maximum rate of the Infected until the middle/end of April is reached. The stagnant Numbers could mean the reversal point, but it can also be the opposite of the case. To announce an all-clear would be premature, because nothing is Worse, to stir up as dashed hopes. We are certainly on a good way, the Trend to four weeks, suggests that our measures are effective. “It is incomprehensible to me”: RKI-chief buttoned Corona ignorant before FOCUS Online/Wochit “Is incomprehensible to me”: RKI-chief buttoned Corona ignorant in front of